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Maria MURRAY ( -1865)

1. Maria Clara MURRAY, daughter of David MURRAY (1748-1794) and Elizabeth HARLEY ( -1824), married Edward Hungerford LECHMERE in 1819. She died on 29 January 1865.


Maid of Honour to Queen Victoria.

Second Generation

2. David MURRAY, son of Revd. Gideon MURRAY and Elizabeth MONTOLIEU DE ST. HYPPOLITE, was born on [Julian] 10 May 1748. He was a MP for Peebles and New Radnor in 1790. He married Elizabeth HARLEY on 8 October 1783. He died on [Julian] 8 May 1794 in London.


... of Hattenknows.


3. Elizabeth HARLEY was born in Oxford. She died on 9 July 1824. She and David MURRAY had the following children:


Elizabeth Ann MURRAY ( - ). Elizabeth married William SHIRRIF in 1810.


Maria Clara MURRAY ( -1865)

Louise MURRAY ( -1821). Louise married Lohn Chandos John READE on 6 January 1814. She died on 6 February 1821.

David Rodney MURRAY (1791- ). David was born on 12 April 1791. He was a Priest. He married Frances PORTAL on 4 December 1828.

Third Generation

4. Revd. Gideon MURRAY, son of Alexander MURRAY 4th Lord Elibank and Elizabeth STIRLING, was born on 5 February 1710 in Ballencrieff. He was a Priest. He married Elizabeth MONTOLIEU DE ST. HYPPOLITE on [Julian] 30 June 1746 in London. He died on [Julian] 21 June 1776 in Wandsworth.


Appointed Chaplain-General to the Army, and Prebendary of the 3rd stall in Durham Cathedral. Was present with George II at the Battle of Dettingen in 1743. Chaplain of 43rd (afterwards 42nd) Highlanders.


5. Elizabeth MONTOLIEU DE ST. HYPPOLITE, daughter of Sieur David Montolieu de St. HYPPOLITE, died on [Julian] 21 November 1677. She and Gideon MURRAY had the following children:


Alexander MURRAY (1747-1864). Alexander was born on [Julian] 24 April 1747. He was a Soldier, member of Parliament. He had the title '7th Baron Elibank'. He married Mary Clara MONTOLIEU on 20 April 1776. He married Catherine STEUART in 1804. He died on [Julian] 24 September 1864 in Portobello.


David MURRAY (1748-1794)