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Elizabeth WYLY (1963- )

1. Elizabeth Jane WYLY, daughter of Peter Brougham WYLY (1922- ) and Doreen Elizabeth SMITH ( - ), was born in 1963. She was a Musician. She married Andrew JONES.

Second Generation

2. Peter Brougham WYLY, son of John Frederick WYLY and Rita Lindsey MURRAY, was born in 1922 in New South Wales, Australia. He was a Methods Engineer. He married Merna HAY. He married Doreen Elizabeth SMITH.


3. Doreen Elizabeth SMITH has few details recorded about her. She and Peter Brougham WYLY had the following children:



Elizabeth Jane WYLY (1963- )

Patrick Simon WYLY (1968- ). Patrick was born in 1968 in Kent, England. He was a CA.

Third Generation

4. John Frederick WYLY married Rita Lindsey MURRAY in 1917.


5. Rita Lindsey MURRAY, daughter of William Harry Elibank MURRAY and Bertha Delamore BROUGHAM, was born on 27 April 1895. She and John Frederick WYLY had the following children:


Valerie Patricia WYLY (1919- ). Valerie was born in 1919 in New South Wales, Australia. She was a Nurse. She married Frank Bennett BARTHOLOMEW in 1946.


Peter Brougham WYLY (1922- )