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David MURRAY (1976- )

1. David Thomas MURRAY, son of Thomas Walter MURRAY (1942- ) and Annette TIMMS (NEE TAPPER) ( - ), was born on 18 November 1976.

Second Generation

2. Thomas Walter MURRAY, son of Patrick Edward MURRAY and Margaret Ruth BUCHANAN, was born on 17 January 1942 in Ft. Rosebury, N. Rhodesia. He was a Lawyer. He married Annette TIMMS (NEE TAPPER) on 19 April 1975 in Woking.


3. Annette TIMMS (NEE TAPPER) has few details recorded about her. She and Thomas Walter MURRAY had the following children:



David Thomas MURRAY (1976- )

Third Generation

4. Patrick Edward MURRAY, son of James Patrick MURRAY CMG and Margaret Ruth BUCHANAN, married Margaret Ruth BUCHANAN on 21 May 1934 in Broken Hill, N. Rhodesia. He was born on 11 August 1939.


Ed. Trinity College, Glenalmond.


5. Margaret Ruth BUCHANAN was born on 23 August 1908 in Devon, England. She and Patrick Edward MURRAY had the following children:


James Alexander Gideon MURRAY (1936- ). James was born on 18 September 1936 in Ft. Rosebury, N. Rhodesia. He was an Accountant. He married Gillian Mary ADCOCK on 11 September 1965 in Woking.

Patrick Edward MURRAY (1939- ). Patrick was born on 11 August 1939 in Worcestershire. He was a Businessman. He married Marie Danielle DU CLADIER DE CURAC in 1963 in Broken Hill.


Thomas Walter MURRAY (1942- )