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1. Mary Clare FITZGERALD-WILSON, daughter of Francis William FITZGERALD-WILSON (1886-1963) and Phyllis Lockhart GREENSHIELDS ( -1964), was born on 19 November 1925. She married James Frederick Lowndes DENNY on 1 April 1950.

Second Generation

2. Francis William FITZGERALD-WILSON, son of William Henry FITZGERALD-WILSON and Isabella Olave STANHOPE, was born on 8 December 1886. He was a Soldier. He married Phyllis Lockhart GREENSHIELDS in 1922. He died on 4 July 1963.


He was in the 1st Royal Dragoons.


3. Phyllis Lockhart GREENSHIELDS, daughter of Robert L GREENSHIELDS, died on 2 May 1964. She and Francis William FITZGERALD-WILSON had the following children:



Mary Clare FITZGERALD-WILSON (1925- )

William WILSON-FITZGERALD (1928- ). William was born on 25 September 1928. He married Jean A BINNY on 28 November 1961.

Third Generation

4. William Henry FITZGERALD-WILSON, son of Richard Bassett WILSON and Anne FITZGERALD, was born on 22 April 1844. He was a Barrister. He married Isabella Olave STANHOPE on 21 November 1885. He died on 17 April 1932.


(Adelphi, Corofin, co. Clare).


5. Isabella Olave STANHOPE, daughter of Russell Charles STANHOPE of Parsonstown Manor, co. Meath and Ellinor Avena BLACKBURNE, was born in March 1861. She died on 28 November 1941. She and William Henry FITZGERALD-WILSON had the following children:



Francis William FITZGERALD-WILSON (1886-1963)

Olave Clare FITZGERALD-WILSON (1888-1912). Olave was born on 11 February 1888. She died in 1912.


6. Robert L GREENSHIELDS has few details recorded about him.


Robert L GREENSHIELDS had the following children:



Phyllis Lockhart GREENSHIELDS ( -1964)