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Sigurd RANGVALDSON (786-810)

1. Sigurd Ormoye RANGVALDSON, son of Ragnar Lodbork av Uppsala KING OF DENMARK (760-845) and Aslaug "Kraka" SIGURDSDOTTER (760- ), was born in 0786. He died in 0810. He married Heluna.


Heluna was the daughter of Ella (c. 758- ). She and Sigurd Ormoye RANGVALDSON had the following children:



Tora Sigurdsdottir (c. 806- )

Second Generation

2. Tora Sigurdsdottir, daughter of Sigurd Ormoye RANGVALDSON and Heluna, was born circa 0806. She married Ragnvald Gudrodsson.


Ragnvald Gudrodsson and Tora Sigurdsdottir had the following children:



Ascrida RAGNVALDSDOTTIR (c. 830- )

Third Generation

3. Ascrida RAGNVALDSDOTTIR, daughter of Ragnvald Gudrodsson and Tora Sigurdsdottir, was born circa 0830 in Maer, Nord-Tronelag, Norway. She married Eystein Ivarsson "The Noisy" Glumra JARL OF THE UPLANDERS circa 0846.


Eystein Ivarsson "The Noisy" Glumra JARL OF THE UPLANDERS, son of Ivar HALFDANSON (c. 775-870) and Tora Eysteinsottir THRANDIA (818- ), was born circa 0830 in Maer. He died in 0875 in Maer. He and Ascrida RAGNVALDSDOTTIR had the following children:



Ragnvald 1 Eysteinsson, Earl of More (c. 847-c. 890). Ragnvald was born circa 0847 in Maer, Nord-Tronelag, Norway. He had the title '1st Jarl of Orkney, Earl of More (Norway)'. He died of Burnt to death in his house. circa 0890 in Orkney, Scotland.