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Henrietta JOHNSTONE ( - )

1. Henrietta Laura JOHNSTONE, daughter of Sir William JOHNSTONE ( - ) and Frances PULTENEY ( - ), had the title 'Countess of Bath'. She married James MURRAY PULTENEY on 24 July 1794 in Bath House, London.

Second Generation

2. Sir William JOHNSTONE, son of Sir James JOHNSTONE of Westerhall, Baronet and Barbara MURRAY, had the title 'Fifth baronet'. He married Frances PULTENEY.


On his wife's accession to the Bath estates, he assumed her surname Pulteney.


3. Frances PULTENEY was the daughter of Daniel PULTENEY. She and William JOHNSTONE had the following children:



Henrietta Laura JOHNSTONE ( - )

Third Generation

4. Sir James JOHNSTONE of Westerhall, Baronet had the title 'Sir'. He married Barbara MURRAY on 1 September 1719. He died on 13 December 1772 in Westerhall.


5. Barbara MURRAY, daughter of Alexander MURRAY 4th Lord Elibank and Elizabeth STIRLING, died on 15 March 1773. She and James JOHNSTONE had the following children:


Barbara JOHNSTONE ( -1765). Barbara was born. She died on 21 October 1765.


William JOHNSTONE ( - )

Margaret JOHNSTONE (1724-1757). Margaret was born on 30 October 1724. She died in 1757.


6. Daniel PULTENEY has few details recorded about him.


Daniel PULTENEY had the following children:



Frances PULTENEY ( - )