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Donada ( - )

1. Donada, daughter of Malcolm II of Alba KING OF SCOTLAND (c. 954-1034), married Finlaec Mormaer of Moray.


Finlaec Mormaer of Moray and Donada had the following children:


Macbeth KING OF SCOTS ( -1057). Macbeth died in 1057.

Second Generation

2. Malcolm II of Alba KING OF SCOTLAND (known as 'Malcolm MacKenneth'), son of Kenneth II of Alba KING OF SCOTLAND, was born circa 0954. He died on [Julian] 25 November 1034 in Glamis.


reigned 1005-1034.


Malcolm II of Alba KING OF SCOTLAND had the following children:


Bethoc (Beatrix) of Scotland ( - ). Bethoc married Crinan (Grimus) MORMAER OF ATHOLL circa 1000.


Donada ( - )

unk "MacKenneth" ( - )

Third Generation

3. Kenneth II of Alba KING OF SCOTLAND, son of Malcolm I of Alba KING OF SCOTLAND, was born in 0930. He died of possibly murdered in 0995 in Finella's Castle, Fettercain, Scotland (Fetteresso).. He was buried in Isle of Iona, Scotland.


He gained the title of King Kenneth of Alba. He succeeded to the title of King Kenneth II of Scotland in 971.

He was possibly killed by Finvela, a noblewoman whose son was killed by the king. She is said to have lured Kenneth into her home promising to unmask traitors. In one room, a statue was connected to several hidden crossbows which were set to fire bolts from every side when a golden apple on the statue was lifted. After a great feast, at which wine flowed freely, Finvela took her drunken guest into the fatal room and offered him the golden apple as a gesture of peace. As he lifted the apple, he was struck by a hail of bolts. He has an extensive biographical entry in the Dictionary of National Biography.3

King Kenneth of Scotland was killed in 995 and his throne taken by King Constantine

The reign of Kenneth II lasted from 971-995. In 994, he tried to march into Northumbria on some conquest venture, and failed. He returned home to find an uprising in progress.

Here is a quote from the book "Monarchs of Scotland":

"There is a story that Kenneth met a startling death. For a long time the Scottish kings had found the Mearn a difficult area to control and in attempting to force his authority there Kenneth had slain the son of Finella; Finella was the wife of the Mormaer of the Mearns. The embittered woman planned a sinister revenge. In her castle she had a copper tower built, bedecked inside with rich and elaborate tapestries. Several loaded crossbows were secured behind these hangings. She then placed a statue of the king holding a golden apple in the center of the room, at which point the bows were aimed..."

Constantine III followed as king. His reign was "as unsuccessful as it was brief...some say that he was killed by an illegitimate son of Malcolm I...Constantine's death marks a low point in the early story of the Scottish monarchy...".


Kenneth II of Alba KING OF SCOTLAND had the following children:



Malcolm II of Alba KING OF SCOTLAND (c. 954-1034)