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Thorgils (c. 965- )

1. Thorgils "Sprakalegg" Styrbyornson, son of Styrbjon Olavsson ( - ) and Thyra Haralsdottir (bef949- ), was born circa 0965. He married Sigrid of Halland.


Sigrid of Halland and Thorgils "Sprakalegg" Styrbyornson had the following children:


Gytha ( -aft1069). Gytha married Godwine EARL OF WESSEX circa 1019. She died after 1069.

Second Generation

2. Styrbjon Olavsson married Thyra Haralsdottir.


3. Thyra Haralsdottir, daughter of Harald I Gormsson KING OF DENMARK and Gyrid Olafsdottir, was born before 0949. She and Styrbjon Olavsson had the following children:



Thorgils "Sprakalegg" Styrbyornson (c. 965- )

Third Generation

4. Harald I Gormsson KING OF DENMARK was born circa 0910 in Blauzahn, Germany. He died on 1 November 0986 in Jomsborg, Denmark. He married Gyrid Olafsdottir.


arald I 'Bluetooth' Gormsson, King of Denmark gained the title of King Harald I of Denmark in 940.


5. Gyrid Olafsdottir has few details recorded about her. She and Harald I Gormsson KING OF DENMARK had the following children:



Thyra Haralsdottir (bef949- )

Sveyn I Haraldsson KING OF DENMARK AND ENGLAND (c. 960-1014). Sveyn was born circa 0960. He died on 3 February 1014.