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Joseph BADNALL (bef1738- )

1. Joseph BADNALL, son of Joseph BADNALL (1700-c. 1740), was born before 1738.

Second Generation

2. Joseph BADNALL, son of Christopher BADNALL and Sarah WHIELDEN, was born in August 1700 in Spath, Uttoxeter, Staffs. He was baptised on 26 August 1700 in St. Mary, Uttoxeter, Staffs. He was an Excise Officer. He died circa 1740 in Bristol?. He was buried circa 1740 in Bristol?.


... of Bristol. In or about 1720, Joseph joined H. M. Excise Service in 1720 and was posted to Bristol as a Division 5 Excise Officer. On the 10th April 1726 he and Mary Churchman were married in Abergavenny and subsequently lived with Mary's father, Richard Churchman, in Bristol. The couple appears to have had two children, a daughter who died in 1729 and a son, Joseph II. Although Joseph Badnall remained in the Excise Service for at least 14 years, he thought the work poorly paid and fatiguing and attributed the several bouts of ill health that he had suffered to this. He therefore sought to quit the service by finding a less onerous and better paid post. His search was no doubt aided by contacts made during his years in post but perhaps more particularly by those of his father-in-law. He appears to have been successful for in 1731 he wrote to his mother to tell her that he was " now in election of another place if it happen right; 7 gentlemen concerned they offer me a good house ale & beer fire & candles & I have proposed £70 a year as salary but have not there answer as yet, I am to be clark to a brew house & malt house & look after the men in there business". He subsequently (February 1733) asked his brother to find someone of standing who could petition the Commissioners of Excise on his behalf for a share in "the £10 Charity for Superannuated Officers".
Whether his petition achieved this aim is not known but Joseph did leave the Excise Service and became, eventually, a maltster.


Joseph BADNALL had the following children:


unk BADNALL ( -1729). unk died in 1729.


Joseph BADNALL (bef1738- )

Third Generation

3. Christopher BADNALL, son of William BADNALL and Sarah UNK, was born circa October 1674 in Uttoxeter, Staffs. He was baptised on 27 October 1674 in St. Mary, Uttoxeter, Staffs. He was a Sharman, Innholder. He married Sarah WHIELDEN on 27 August 1698 in Sudbury. He died in August 1723 in Spath, Uttoxeter, Staffs. He was buried on 16 August 1723 in St. Mary, Uttoxeter, Staffs..


4. Sarah WHIELDEN was born circa 1673. She died in September 1734 in Three Towns, Uttoxeter, Staffs. She was buried on 19 September 1734 in St. Mary. She and Christopher BADNALL had the following children:


William BADNALL (1699-c. 1760). William was born on 30 July 1699 in Uttoxeter. He was baptised in July 1699 in St. Mary's, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. He was a Mohair and silk dyer. He married Sarah WOLRICH on 25 November 1723 in Madeley, Staffordshire. He married Esther BOSTOCK on 31 July 1733 in St. Edward's, Leek, Staffs. He died circa December 1760 in Mill Street, Leek, Staffs. He was buried on 13 December 1760 in St. Edwards Churchyard, Leek.


Joseph BADNALL (1700-c. 1740)

John BADNALL (1702-1703). John was born in August 1702 in Uttoxeter. He was baptised on 27 August 1702 in St. Mary. He died in January 1703 in Spath. He was buried on 11 January 1703 in St. Mary, Uttoxeter.

Mary BADNALL (1704-1727). Mary was born in September 1704 in Uttoxeter. She was baptised on 21 September 1704 in St. Mary. She died in July 1727 in Uttoxeter. She was buried on 28 July 1727 in St. Mary.

Sarah BADNALL (c. 1707-1713). Sarah was born circa 1707 in Uttoxeter. She was baptised in 1707 in St. Mary. She died in October 1713 in Spath. She was buried on 1 November 1713 in St. Mary.