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Tiberius EMPEROR OF ROME ( - )

1. Tiberius EMPEROR OF ROME was the son of Marcus Antonius TRIUMVIR ROME (83-30) and Octavia Minor of Rome (69-11).

Second Generation

2. Marcus Antonius TRIUMVIR ROME (known as 'Marc Antony') was born in 0083 B.C. He died in August 0030 B.C.. He married Octavia Minor of Rome.


- Mark Anthony.


3. Octavia Minor of Rome, daughter of Caius Octavius SENATOR OF ROME and Atia Balbus of Rome, was born in 0069 B.C. She died in 0011 B.C.. She and Marcus Antonius TRIUMVIR ROME had the following children:


Antonia Minor of Rome (36-37). Antonia was born in 0036 B.C. She died on [Julian] 1 May 0037.


Tiberius EMPEROR OF ROME ( - )

Third Generation

4. Caius Octavius SENATOR OF ROME, son of Caius Octavius Citizen of Rome, died in 0020 B.C.. He married Atia Balbus of Rome.


5. Atia Balbus of Rome, daughter of Marcus Atius Balbus of Rome and Julia Caesar Minor of Rome, died in 0043 B.C.. She and Caius Octavius SENATOR OF ROME had the following children:



Octavia Minor of Rome (69-11)

Gaius Octavius Augustus EMPEROR OF ROME (63-14) (known as 'Augustus'). Augustus was born on 23 September 0063 B.C. He died in 0014 in Nola, in Compania.