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Alexander ERSKINE-MURRAY (2003- )

1. Alexander Alan John ERSKINE-MURRAY, son of Timothy Alexander Elibank ERSKINE-MURRAY (1967- ) and Clare WATKISS ( - ), was born on 18 July 2003.

Second Generation

2. Timothy Alexander Elibank ERSKINE-MURRAY, son of Alan d'Ardis ERSKINE-MURRAY and Valerie Sylvia DENNIS, was born on 6 May 1967. He married Clare WATKISS.


3. Clare WATKISS was the daughter of John WATKISS. She and Timothy Alexander Elibank ERSKINE-MURRAY had the following children:



Alexander Alan John ERSKINE-MURRAY (2003- )

Third Generation

4. Alan d'Ardis ERSKINE-MURRAY, son of Robert Alan ERSKINE-MURRAY OBE and Eileen Mary MACMANUS, was born on 31 December 1923. He was a Barrister. He had the title '14th Lord Elibank'. He married Valerie Sylvia DENNIS in 1962.


5. Valerie Sylvia DENNIS has few details recorded about her. She and Alan d'Ardis ERSKINE-MURRAY had the following children:


Robert Francis Allen ERSKINE-MURRAY (1964- ). Robert was born on 10 October 1964.


Timothy Alexander Elibank ERSKINE-MURRAY (1967- )


6. John WATKISS has few details recorded about him.


John WATKISS had the following children:



Clare WATKISS ( - )