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Archibald CAMPBELL (1400-1440)

1. Archibald CAMPBELL, son of Sir Duncan NA-ADH of Lochow (1390-1453) and Marjory (Marcellina) STEWART of Albany (1370-bef1432), was born in 1400. He died in 1440. He married Elizabeth SOMERVILLE.


"or (of?) Gelestin?".


Elizabeth SOMERVILLE and Archibald CAMPBELL had the following children:


Colin CAMPBELL (c. 1433-1493). Colin was born circa 1433. He had the title '1st Earl of Argyll, 2nd Lord Campbell'. He died on 10 May 1493.

Second Generation

2. Sir Duncan NA-ADH of Lochow, son of Knight Colin CAMPBELL Iongantach and Mary CAMPBELL, was born in 1390. He had the title '1st Lord Campbell'. He died in 1453. He married Marjory (Marcellina) STEWART.


3. Marjory (Marcellina) STEWART of Albany, daughter of Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany 1st Duke of Albany and Margaret GRAHAM, was born in 1370. She died before [Julian] August 1432. She and Duncan NA-ADH had the following children:



Archibald CAMPBELL (1400-1440)

Third Generation

4. Knight Colin CAMPBELL Iongantach, son of Archibald More CAMPBELL and Mary LAMONT, married Mary CAMPBELL.


5. Mary CAMPBELL, daughter of John CAMPBELL, was born in 1348. She and Colin CAMPBELL had the following children:



Duncan NA-ADH (1390-1453)


6. Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany 1st Duke of Albany, son of King Robert II Stewart KING OF SCOTLAND and Elizabeth of Rowallan Mure, was born circa 1340. He was born circa 1340. He had the title '1st Duke of Albany, Earl of Fife'. He had the title 'Earl of Fife, Duke of Albany'. He died on 3 September 1420 in Stirling Castle. He was buried in Dunfermline Abbey. He married Margaret GRAHAM.


7. Margaret GRAHAM, daughter of Sir John GRAHAM and Mary MENTEITH, was born before 1334. She had the title 'Countess of Monteith'. She died in 1380. She was buried in Inchmahome Priory, Perthshire. She and Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany had the following children:



Marjory (Marcellina) STEWART (1370-bef1432)

Isabella STEWART (bef1380- ). Isabella was born before 1380. She married Walter HALIBURTON between 1402 and 1408.

Murdac, Duke of Albany ( - )