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Anne MACKENZIE ( - )

1. Anne MACKENZIE, daughter of John Hay MACKENZIE of Newhall and Cromarty ( - ) and Annie GIBSON-CRAIG ( - ), had the title 'Countess of Cromartie and Viscountess of Tarbat'. She married George Granville WILLIAM.

Second Generation

2. John Hay MACKENZIE of Newhall and Cromarty, son of Edward HAY of Newhall, co. Haddington and Maria MURRAY, married Annie GIBSON-CRAIG.


3. Annie GIBSON-CRAIG was the daughter of Sir James GIBSON-CRAIG Baronet. She and John Hay MACKENZIE had the following children:



Anne MACKENZIE ( - )

Third Generation

4. Edward HAY of Newhall, co. Haddington, son of unk HAY, married Maria MURRAY.


He was afterwards called Edward Jay Mackenzie of Newhall and Cromarty. They had three daughters and an only son.


5. Maria MURRAY was the daughter of Admiral George MURRAY 6th Lord Elibank and Isabella MCKENZIE. She and Edward HAY had the following children:



John Hay MACKENZIE ( - )


6. Sir James GIBSON-CRAIG Baronet has few details recorded about him.


James GIBSON-CRAIG had the following children:



Annie GIBSON-CRAIG ( - )