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Margaret WICKHAM ( - )

1. Margaret WICKHAM (also known as Margaret WYKEHAM), daughter of William WICKHAM ( - ), married William FIENES.


She brought with her the Lordship of Broughton, Oxon.


William FIENES and Margaret WICKHAM had the following children:


Henry FIENES (c. 1454-1476). Henry was born circa 1454 in Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire. He had the title '3rd Baron Saye and Sele'. He married Ann(e) HARCOURT circa 1473 in Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire. He died on [Julian] 1 August 1476. He was buried in Broughton Castle.

Second Generation

2. William WICKHAM was the son of Thomas? WICKHAM.


William WICKHAM had the following children:



Margaret WICKHAM ( - )

Third Generation

3. Thomas? WICKHAM (also known as Perot) has few details recorded about him.


Thomas? WICKHAM had the following children:



William WICKHAM ( - )