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Sir Giles FIENES Kt. ( - )

1. Sir Giles de FIENES Kt., son of Sir Ingelram de FIENES (c. 1192-c. 1269) and Maud HAMPDEN ( - ), married Sibyl FILIOL circa 1252 in Wartling, Sussex.


He was the second son. According to other sources, he was the sixth child, after Reginald, William, Robert, Enguerrand and Maud.


Sibyl FILIOL and Giles de FIENES had the following children:


John FIENES (c. 1280-1331). John was born circa 1280 in Wendover, Bucks. He married Joane JORDAIN in Windsor. He died in 1331.

Second Generation

2. Sir Ingelram de FIENES, son of William de FIENES and Agnes de DAMPMARTIN, was born circa 1192. He died circa 1269 in Wendover, Bucks.. He married Maud HAMPDEN.


"Knight of the Bath, first son, sum. amongst the Nobles in Rot. exercitus Wallix? 1260. Constable of Dover Castle etc. 1265. Also: Seigneur de Fiennes, Baron de Tingry & de Ruminghen, Lord of Wendover.


3. Maud HAMPDEN has few details recorded about her. She and Ingelram de FIENES had the following children:



Giles de FIENES ( - )

Third Generation

4. William de FIENES, son of Ingelram de FIENES and Sibille de Bolougne TINGRY, was born in 1160. He had the title '1st Baron Fiennes'. He died in 1241 in Wendover, Bucks.. He married Agnes de DAMPMARTIN.


He was the only son. He was a Magna Carta Baron against King John. Anthony Wagner, Pedigree and Progress: Essays in the genealogical interpretation of history, Phillimore and Co., 1975, p. 159

“This William was son of Ingelram de Fynes, who was slain at the siege of Acons, in the time of Richard I and had married Sybyll the daughter and sole heir of Pharamus de Boulogne; son of William, son of Galfrid [Geoffrey], brother of Godfrey of Boulogne, Kiing of Jerusalem elect, (though his piety declined that title) and son of Eustace, Earl of Boulogne…”.


5. Agnes de DAMPMARTIN (also known as Agnes de DAMMARTIN) was the daughter of Count Aubrey II (Alberic) of Dammartin and Maud (Mahaut) de Ponthieu. She and William de FIENES had the following children:



Ingelram de FIENES (c. 1192-c. 1269)

Maud de FIENES ( - )

Agnes de FIENES ( - )