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Geoffrey SAY ( - )

1. Geoffrey de SAY, son of William de SAY ( - ) and Agnes de GRENTEMAISNILL ( - ), married Hanise? de CLARE.


He was the only son and heir.


Hanise? de CLARE and Geoffrey de SAY had the following children:


William de SAY ( - ). William had the title 'Baron Say'.

Second Generation

2. William de SAY married Agnes de GRENTEMAISNILL.


He came into England with William the Conqueror.


3. Agnes de GRENTEMAISNILL was the daughter of High de GRENTEMAISNILL and Adelide (or Alice). She and William de SAY had the following children:



Geoffrey de SAY ( - )

Third Generation

4. High de GRENTEMAISNILL married Adelide (or Alice).


5. Adelide (or Alice) was the daughter of Ino? COUNT DE BELLOMONTE. She and High de GRENTEMAISNILL had the following children: