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Frederick HALL (1989- )

1. Frederick Amery Kynaston HALL, son of Christopher John HALL ( - ) and Jane Asastasia STUDD (1961- ), was born in 1989.

Second Generation

2. Christopher John HALL, son of Sir Peter HALL KBE and Leslie CARON, married Jane Asastasia STUDD in 1988.


3. Jane Asastasia STUDD, daughter of Sir Robert Kynaston STUDD 3rd Baronet and Anastasia LEVESON-GOWER, was born in 1961. She and Christopher John HALL had the following children:



Frederick Amery Kynaston HALL (1989- )

Benjamin Charles Edward HALL (1992- ). Benjamin was born in 1992.

Third Generation

4. Sir Peter HALL KBE married Leslie CARON.


5. Leslie CARON has few details recorded about her.


She is a French actress.


Peter HALL and Leslie CARON had the following children:



Christopher John HALL ( - )


6. Sir Robert Kynaston STUDD 3rd Baronet was born in 1926. He married Anastasia LEVESON-GOWER on 19 April 1958. He died in 1977.


7. Anastasia LEVESON-GOWER, daughter of Harold Boscawen LEVESON-GOWER and Kathleen May WILSON, was born on 26 November 1931. She and Robert Kynaston STUDD had the following children:


Sara Alexandra STUDD (1959- ). Sara was born in 1959.


Jane Asastasia STUDD (1961- )

Anne Elizabeth STUDD (1964- ). Anne was born in 1964.