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Joanna WRIGHTSON (1947- )

1. Joanna Mary WRIGHTSON, daughter of Peter WRIGHTSON OBE (1914-1995) and Pamela WILSON (1915-1999), was born on 11 September 1947. She married Peter Jonathan HOWARD on 9 August 1969. She married Arthur GODWIN.


Peter Jonathan HOWARD and Joanna Mary WRIGHTSON had the following children:


Benjamin Simon HOWARD (1975- ). Benjamin was born on 28 May 1975.

James Edward Peter HOWARD (1979- ). James was born on 19 April 1979.

Penelope Sarah HOWARD (1971- ). Penelope was born on 6 July 1971.

Alison Rebecca HOWARD (1972- ). Alison was born on 8 September 1972.

Second Generation

2. Peter WRIGHTSON OBE was born on 20 February 1914. He married Pamela WILSON on 31 August 1946. He died on 27 August 1995.


... of Manfield.


3. Pamela WILSON, daughter of Lieut Col Sir Murrough John WILSON JP, KBE and Sybil May MILBANK, was born on 21 March 1915. She died on 3 August 1999. She and Peter WRIGHTSON had the following children:


Simon Murrough WRIGHTSON (1954- ). Simon was born on 7 September 1954. He married Elizabeth Yvonne MICHELIN in 1975.


Joanna Mary WRIGHTSON (1947- )

Susan Jennifer WRIGHTSON (1948- ). Susan was born on 27 December 1948. She married Montague William STYLE on 18 July 1970.

Third Generation

4. Lieut Col Sir Murrough John WILSON JP, KBE, son of John Gerald WILSON CB and Angelina Rosa Geraldine O'BRIEN, was born on 14 September 1875 in Yorkshire, Manfield. He had the title 'DL for North Riding, Yorks'. He was a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army, Unionist Member of Parliament for Richmond, Yorks. He married Sybil May MILBANK on 16 February 1904.


... of Cliffe Hall, Yorks

Unionist MP in 1924 for Richmond, Yorks.

...It was Saturday July 24 1954, the Sir Murrough Wilson Cup against Walworth, when his 10-30 helped rout Walworth for 60 in reply to Cockerton's 73. Maurice and four others had failed to trouble the scorers....


5. Sybil May MILBANK was the daughter of Sir Powlett Charles John MILBANK 2nd Baronet and Edith Mary GREEN-PRICE. She and Murrough John WILSON had the following children:


John WILSON (1905-1905). John was born in 1905. He died in 1905.

Gerald Richard Powlett WILSON (1912- ). Gerald was born in 1912. He married Ursula Mary DRAKE in 1936.

Kathleen May WILSON (1900-1984). Kathleen was born on 19 August 1900. She married Harold Boscawen LEVESON-GOWER on 11 June 1930. She died in 1984.

Geraldine Edith Mary WILSON (1905- ). Geraldine was born on 19 December 1905. She married John Erskine Scott WALFORD on 19 August 1933.


Pamela WILSON (1915-1999)