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Juliet BAZLEY (1935-1943)

1. Juliet Anne BAZLEY, daughter of Anthony Gardner BAZLEY (1911-1937) and Anne HOTHAM (1913- ), was born on 7 July 1935. She died on 2 January 1943.

Second Generation

2. Anthony Gardner BAZLEY, son of Gardner Sebastian BAZLEY and Ruth Evelyn HOWARD, was born on 4 June 1911. He married Anne HOTHAM on 9 February 1934. He died on 23 May 1937.


3. Anne HOTHAM, daughter of John Beaumont HOTHAM BA (Cantab) and Gladys Mary WILSON, was born on 27 September 1913. She married Francis Philip HOWARD on 1 July 1944. She and Anthony Gardner BAZLEY had the following children:



Juliet Anne BAZLEY (1935-1943)

Susan Antonia BAZLEY (1937- ). Susan was born on 5 May 1937. She married Peter Humphrey Alexander VAN OSS on 14 June 1958. She married William J VICARY on 11 December 1970.


Francis Philip HOWARD and Anne HOTHAM had the following children:


Philip Esme HOWARD (1945- ). Philip was born on 1 May 1945. He had the title '3rd Baron Howard of Penrith'.

Michael Edmund HOWARD (1947- ). Michael was born on 19 April 1947.

David Francis HOWARD (1949- ). David was born on 20 May 1949.

William John HOWARD (1953- ). William was born on 30 May 1953.

Third Generation

4. Gardner Sebastian BAZLEY, son of Thomas Sebastian BAZLEY and Elizabeth GARDNER, was born on 14 October 1863. He married Ruth Evelyn HOWARD.


5. Ruth Evelyn HOWARD has few details recorded about her. She and Gardner Sebastian BAZLEY had the following children:



Anthony Gardner BAZLEY (1911-1937)


6. John Beaumont HOTHAM BA (Cantab), son of Charles Frederick HOTHAM and Margaret HOME, was a Clerk in the House of Lords. He married Gladys Mary WILSON on 15 August 1905.


7. Gladys Mary WILSON, daughter of John Gerald WILSON CB and Angelina Rosa Geraldine O'BRIEN, was born in 1880 in Yorkshire, Manfield. She and John Beaumont HOTHAM had the following children:



Anne HOTHAM (1913- )

Dorothy Jean HOTHAM (1907- ). Dorothy was born on 12 August 1907.

Margaret HOTHAM (1909- ). Margaret was born on 14 August 1909.