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Patrick HEATHCOAT-AMORY (1912-1942)

1. Patrick Gerald HEATHCOAT-AMORY, son of Major Ludovic HEATHCOAT-AMORY (1881-1918) and Mary Stuart BANNATYNE (1881- ), was born on 27 April 1912. He died in May 1942 in Libya (killed in action).

Second Generation

2. Major Ludovic HEATHCOAT-AMORY, son of Sir John HEATHCOAT-AMORY 1st Baronet and Henrietta Mary UNWIN, was born on 11 May 1881. He married Mary Stuart BANNATYNE on 12 July 1911. He died on 25 August 1918.


3. Mary Stuart BANNATYNE, daughter of James Fitzgerald BANNATYNE and Emily Gertrude WILSON, was born on 1 May 1881. She and Ludovic HEATHCOAT-AMORY had the following children:



Patrick Gerald HEATHCOAT-AMORY (1912-1942)

Michael Ludovic HEATHCOAT-AMORY (1914-1936). Michael was born on 19 May 1914. He died of He was killed in an aeroplane accident on 7 June 1936.

Edgar Fitzgerald HEATHCOAT-AMORY (1917-1944). Edgar was born on 30 August 1917. He married Sonia Myrtle DENISON on 7 September 1940. He died in June 1944.

Third Generation

4. Sir John HEATHCOAT-AMORY 1st Baronet was born on 4 May 1829. He died on 26 May 1914. He married Henrietta Mary UNWIN.


5. Henrietta Mary UNWIN died on 8 November 1923. She and John HEATHCOAT-AMORY had the following children:



Ludovic HEATHCOAT-AMORY (1881-1918)


6. James Fitzgerald BANNATYNE, son of James BANNATYNE and Harriet FITZGERALD, was born in 1835. He married Emily Gertrude WILSON on 17 December 1878. He died on 18 October 1915.


... of Haldon House, Exeter and Fanningtown Castle, co. Limerick; also, of Summerville, co. Limerick (Haldon, Exeter).


7. Emily Gertrude WILSON, daughter of Richard Bassett WILSON and Anne FITZGERALD, was born after 1851. She died on 10 October 1928.


The only clue as to the identity of this woman was through an internet search which revealed "Palk manuscripts in the possession of Mrs. Bannatyne of Haldon, Devon" by Emily Gertrude Wilson Bannatyne...
( London: H.M.S.O (1922) 492p. [Palk, Robert. Sir, Indian army officer: Manuscripts. 1769- 1786.]).


James Fitzgerald BANNATYNE and Emily Gertrude WILSON had the following children:



Mary Stuart BANNATYNE (1881- )

James Fitzgerald BANNATYNE (1883-1916). James was born on 25 November 1883 in Ireland. He died on 14 May 1916, a casualty of the war.

Victoria Vera BANNATYNE (1887- ). Victoria was born on 11 September 1887 in Ivychurch, Yorkshire, England.