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Lieutenant Gerald SOWERBY RN (1878- )

1. Lieutenant Gerald SOWERBY RN, son of Edward Chaytor Sowerby SOWERBY (1872- ) and Muriel MUIR ( - ), was born on 31 July 1878. He married Mabel Marguerite ANNESLEY on 14 January 1904.


(Myrtle, Newcastle, co. Down).


Mabel Marguerite ANNESLEY and Gerald SOWERBY had the following children:


Gerald Francis Annesley SOWERBY (1904- ). Gerald was born on 5 November 1904.

Mabel Frances SOWERBY ( - )

Edith Mary SOWERBY ( - )

Mary Gertrude SOWERBY ( - )

Second Generation

2. Edward Chaytor Sowerby SOWERBY, son of Thomas Charles Johnson SOWERBY of Snow Hall, Darlington, Yorks, JP and Juliana Cecilia WILSON, was born on 2 September 1872. He married Muriel MUIR.


(Sudborough, Northants).


3. Muriel MUIR was the daughter of J Gardiner MUIR. She and Edward Chaytor Sowerby SOWERBY had the following children:


Thomas Muir SOWERBY (1908- ). Thomas was born on 6 September 1908.

Maurice Eden SOWERBY (1874- ). Maurice was born on 5 December 1874.


Gerald SOWERBY (1878- )

Third Generation

4. Thomas Charles Johnson SOWERBY of Snow Hall, Darlington, Yorks, JP was born circa 1839 in Ketton, Rutland. He married Juliana Cecilia WILSON on 14 September 1865. He died in 1890.


5. Juliana Cecilia WILSON, daughter of Richard Bassett WILSON and Anne FITZGERALD, was born in 1840 (estimated). She died on 11 November 1898.


In the year after her husband's death, the family were staying in Cornwall at her sister Augusta Bolitho's house, along with her sister Mary Lucia and a butler, footman, cook, lady's maid, three servants, two housemaids and a scullery maid. This according to the 1891 census. No children of the Bolitho's were listed, and it is not known if they had any.


Thomas Charles Johnson SOWERBY and Juliana Cecilia WILSON had the following children:


Mabel Frances SOWERBY (c. 1868- ). Mabel was born circa 1868 in Gainford, Co. Durham.

Edith Mary SOWERBY (c. 1870- ). Edith was born circa 1870.

Mary Gertrude SOWERBY (c. 1882- ). Mary was born circa 1882.

Charles Fitzgerald SOWERBY (1866- ). Charles was born on 31 July 1866.

William Bassett SOWERBY (1870- ). William was born on 13 April 1870. He was a Colliery Company Assistant Secretary (1891). He married Lena HUNTER on 13 April 1900.


Edward Chaytor Sowerby SOWERBY (1872- )


6. J Gardiner MUIR has few details recorded about him.


... of Farming Woods, co. Northants.


J Gardiner MUIR had the following children:



Muriel MUIR ( - )