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Henry HODGES (c. 1808-1870)

1. Henry HODGES, son of Rev. Henry HODGES ( -1837) and Cordelia MURRAY (1781-1849), was born circa 1808 in Blackheath. He was a Rector of Alphamstone. He married Harriet Elizabeth MURRAY on 14 July 1834 in Benowen. He died on 1 September 1870.


In 1851, according to the census, the couple were living in Alphamstone, Essex with their four children and four servants. Harriet (snr.) 's occupation is listed as Rector's wife. He must have begun his work there in about 1837/8, because of the birthplace of his children. In the 1861 census only the daughters were at home, and a third one, Julia, had been added. The amount of servants in the house had gone down to two.


Harriet Elizabeth MURRAY and Henry HODGES had the following children:


Harriet Elizabeth Cordelia HODGES (c. 1836- ). Harriet was born circa 1836 in Beckley, Sussex.

Frederick Owen Douglas HODGES (c. 1839- ). Frederick was born circa 1839 in Alphamstone.

George Hugh Cartwright HODGES (c. 1841- ). George was born circa November 1841 in Alphamstone.

Mary Beatrice (Ann?) HODGES (c. 1848- ). Mary was born circa 1848 in Alphamstone.

Julia HODGES (c. 1854- ). Julia was born circa 1854.

Second Generation

2. Rev. Henry HODGES was a Clergyman. He married Cordelia MURRAY on 25 April 1803 in Ore. He died on 1 July 1837.


3. Cordelia MURRAY, daughter of General Sir James Patrick 1 MURRAY Governor of Canada, Warden of the Cinque Ports, Governor of Hull and Ann WHITHAM, was born on 16 March 1781 in Mahon, Minorca. She died on 1 May 1849. She and Henry HODGES had the following children:



Henry HODGES (c. 1808-1870)

Third Generation

4. General Sir James Patrick 1 MURRAY Governor of Canada, Warden of the Cinque Ports, Governor of Hull, son of Alexander MURRAY 4th Lord Elibank and Elizabeth STIRLING, was born on [Julian] 21 January 1721 in Ballencrieff. He was a Governor General of Canada, General in the Army, Governor of Minorca, Governor of Hull, Warden of the Cinque Ports. He married Cordelia COLLIER in 1748 in London. He married Ann WHITHAM on 14 March 1780 in Minorca. He died on 18 June 1794 in Beauport, Hastings, Sussex.


James Murray joined the British army in 1739/40 and served in the West Indies and Europe. Sent to North America in 1757 as a lieutenant colonel during the Seven Years¡¯ War, he commanded a brigade in 1758 during the successful British siege of Louisbourg, in what is now Nova Scotia, under Jeffery Amherst. He was one of General James Wolfe¡¯s three brigadiers in the British expedition against Quebec in 1759. After the British captured the city, Murray was made its military governor. When the French capitulated in 1760, he became military governor of Quebec district; he became the first civil governor of Quebec after its formal cession to Great Britain in 1763, later becoming the first British Governor of Canada. Murray opposed repressive measures against French Canadians, and his conciliatory policy led to charges against him of partiality. Although exonerated, he left his post in 1768 and was appointed governor of Minorca in 1774. He surrendered to French and Spanish troops there in 1782, for which he underwent a court of inquiry in England; after being acquitted, he was made lieutenant general (1772) and later a full general (1783).


Murray was the son of Alexander, 4th Earl Elibank, and the nephew of Patrick and Alexander, two perpetrators of the infamous Elibank plot, which attempted to kidnap the Royal Family and put the Young Pretender on the throne. James, like others in his family, had a strong rebellious streak, and against the wishes of his father, wished to join the army. After repeated refusals by his father James, aged 15, ran away from the family home accompanied by the son of one of his father's gardeners. Lady O'Donnell, James' granddaughter, related: "They concealed themselves for a day in Edinburgh and then embarked at Leith in a fishing smack. After many adventures, they arrived in Holland. James Murray enlisted in the "Scottish Dutch", a regiment composed of Scotchmen in the service of the Stadtholder. Here he remained for two or three years. He used to say in after years that he had been every rank of the army except Drummer, adding "I never was a drummer". One day a Scots nobleman (I think it was Lord Arbuthnot) coming out of the palace of the Hague was much struck by the appearance of a young soldier on duty, who looked fixedly at him: "I think I have seen you before now - you are like the Hon. James Murray who ran away from home". "Yes", answered the soldier, "I am James Murray, but I will never go home till they let me be a soldier". The nobleman made enquiries, heard the highest character of the young soldier, returned at once to Scotland, and induced Lord Elibank gladly to obtain a commission for young James in the British army".


5. Ann WHITHAM, daughter of Colonel Abraham WHITHAM and Mary UNK, was born in 1761 (estimated) in Minorca. She died on 2 August 1824 in Berkley, Sussex.


In the family vault in this Church are deposited the remains of The
Honorable General James Murray/ (Late of Beauport in this County) Youngest son of Alexander fourth Lord Elibank of the Kingdom of Scotland. He departed this life at Beauport June 18th 1794 aged 75 years. Also of his second wife Anne daughter of Abraham Whitham Esq. She died August 2nd 1824 aged 63 years; also of two of their children, Elizabeth - Mary died April 8th 1785 aged 1 year and eight months and George died in February 1794 aged two months.

UNDERNEATH is a small rectangular white marble tablet :-
The above tablet was removed/ from the Old Parish Church by the/ Honorable General Murray's Grand-daughter Lady Troloppe wife of General Sir Charles roloppe,KCB/ November 1882.


James Patrick 1 MURRAY and Ann WHITHAM had the following children:



Cordelia MURRAY (1781-1849)

James Patrick 2 MURRAY (1782-1834). James was born on 21 January 1782 in Leghorn. He was a Major-General in the Army. He married Elizabeth RUSHWORTH on 31 January 1803 in Freshwater, Isle of Wight. He died on 5 December 1834 in Killenure House, near Athlone.

Elizabeth Mary MURRAY (1783-1785). Elizabeth was born on 8 November 1783 in Beauport. She died on 8 April 1785 in Beauport.

Wilhelmina MURRAY (1787-1866). Wilhelmina was born on 14 January 1787 in Beauport. She married James DOUGLAS on 18 May 1813. She died on 25 February 1866.

Anne Harriet MURRAY (1788-1850). Anne was born on 10 August 1788 in Beauport. She died on 13 November 1850.

George MURRAY (1794-1794). George was born on 1 February 1794. He died in February 1794.