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Dorothy HOTHAM (1907- )

1. Dorothy Jean HOTHAM, daughter of John Beaumont HOTHAM BA (Cantab) ( - ) and Gladys Mary WILSON (1880- ), was born on 12 August 1907.

Second Generation

2. John Beaumont HOTHAM BA (Cantab), son of Charles Frederick HOTHAM and Margaret HOME, was a Clerk in the House of Lords. He married Gladys Mary WILSON on 15 August 1905.


3. Gladys Mary WILSON, daughter of John Gerald WILSON CB and Angelina Rosa Geraldine O'BRIEN, was born in 1880 in Yorkshire, Manfield. She and John Beaumont HOTHAM had the following children:


Anne HOTHAM (1913- ). Anne was born on 27 September 1913. She married Anthony Gardner BAZLEY on 9 February 1934. She married Francis Philip HOWARD on 1 July 1944.


Dorothy Jean HOTHAM (1907- )

Margaret HOTHAM (1909- ). Margaret was born on 14 August 1909.

Third Generation

4. Charles Frederick HOTHAM had the title 'Admiral Sir'. He married Margaret HOME.


5. Margaret HOME has few details recorded about her. She and Charles Frederick HOTHAM had the following children:



John Beaumont HOTHAM ( - )


6. John Gerald WILSON CB, son of Richard Bassett WILSON and Anne FITZGERALD, was born on 29 December 1841 in Yorkshire, Man[s]field. He was a Colonel in the Army. He married Angelina Rosa Geraldine O'BRIEN on 4 June 1873. He died on 8 March 1902.


John Gerald Wilson of Cliffe was Colonel, 3rd Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment.

"Wilson. - Col. John Gerald Wilson, C.B., commanding 3rd Batt. York and Lancaster Regt., died March 8th, 1902, of wounds received in action between Tweebosch and Palmietkuil the previous day. He was the eldest son of the late Richard Bassett Wilson, Esq., of Cliffe, by his marriage with Anne, daughter of the late William Fitzgerald, Esq., of Adelphi, co. Clare. Col. Wilson was born in 1841, and educated at Cheltenham. He joined the 84th Regt. in 1858 from the Royal Military College as an ensign. After the death of his father in 1867, and his succession to the family estate of Cliffe Hall, Piercebridge, Darlington, he retired from the army as a capt., but subsequently accepted a commission in the volunteer force, and in 1873 was appointed to the command of the 1st North Yorkshire Rifle Volunteers. From the latter he was transferred in 1883 to the command of the 3rd West Yorkshire Militia, now the 3rd Batt. York and Lancaster Regt., and in 1889 he was appointed to the command of the West Yorkshire Volunteer Brigade. He was awarded the C.B. on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of Her late Majesty Queen Victoria in 1897, and was hon. col. of the 2nd Volunteer Batt. Prince of Wales’s West Yorkshire Regt. His battalion was first embodied in Dec., 1899, being disembodied after twelve months?service. It was again embodied in Dec., 1901, and volunteering for active service proceeded to South Africa. In the course of the war, Col. Wilson lost a brother (Col. Richard B. Wilson) and a son (2nd Lieut. Richard B. Wilson). The name of Col. J. G. Wilson is inscribed on the Eleanor Cross War Memorial erected at Cheltenham College."

His service record from the eighty-fourth regiment:

"Wilson, John Gerald, C.B.-Born at Cliffe Hall, Darlington, December 29th, 1841. From R.M.C. to Ensign 84th Foot without purchase December 31st, 1858; Lieutenant by purchase December 19th, 1862; Captain by purchase December 4th, 1866; Retired by sale of his Commission September 13th 1867; Lieutenant-Colonel 1st North York Rifle Volunteers June 9th, 1871; Resigned January, 1883; Lieutenant-Colonel 3rd Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment January 20th, 1883. Went with the 3rd Battalion to the South African War in 1901, and died of wounds received in action on March 2nd, 1902, while with Lord Methuen's column between Tweebosch and Palmietkiul. Served in Malta April 3rd, 1865, to June 13th, 1866."

Extract from The Last Post - Roll of Officers who fell in South Africa 1899-1902 by Mildred G Dooner, published by Naval and Military Press.


ALDBROUGH is a township containing 1,807 acres and 400 inhabitants. The soil is fertile, and in a high state of cultivation. The gross estimated rental of the township is £2,685, and the rateable value, £2,421. Eleanor, dowager duchess of Northumberland, is lady of the manor, and the most extensive landowner;

Col,. J. G. Wilson, Cliffe Hall, owns 145 acres; Messrs. Hutchinson and Shipton, 22 acres; and Miss Spencely, six acres besides cottage property.


7. Angelina Rosa Geraldine O'BRIEN, daughter of Rev. the Hon. Henry O'BRIEN and Unk UNK, was born circa 1852 in Ireland. She and John Gerald WILSON had the following children:


Richard Bassett WILSON (1874-1900). Richard was born in 1874 in Yorkshire, Manfield. He was a Lieutenant, Imperial Yeomanry. He died on 26 July 1900.

Murrough John WILSON (1875- ). Murrough was born on 14 September 1875 in Yorkshire. He had the title 'DL for North Riding, Yorks'. He was a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army, Unionist Member of Parliament for Richmond, Yorks. He married Sybil May MILBANK on 16 February 1904.

Harriet Anne Dorothy WILSON (1876- ). Harriet was born in 1876 in Yorkshire. She married Frederick Richard MILBANK on 12 July 1904.

Denis Daly WILSON (1878- ). Denis was born on 22 October 1878. He married Mary Henrietta FRANKS on 17 December 1911.

Frank O'Brien WILSON (1883-1962). Frank was born on 30 April 1883 in France. He married Elizabeth Frances PEASE on 25 November 1919 in Middleton Tyas. He died on 7 April 1962 in Kilima Kiu, Kenya.


Gladys Mary WILSON (1880- )

Gerald Geoffry WILSON (1884-1896). Gerald was born in 1884 in France. He died in December 1896.

Geraldine WILSON (1888- ). Geraldine was born in 1888 in Yorkshire.