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Alice BOTHE ( -1470)

1. Alice BOTHE, daughter of John BOOTH of Barton ( - ) and Joan TRAFFORD ( - ), had the title 'Lady Alice Clifton'. She died on 9 September 1470. She married Robert CLIFTON.


Robert CLIFTON and Alice BOTHE had the following children:


Gervase CLIFTON (c. 1438-1491). Gervase was born circa 1438 in Clifton, Nottinghamshire. He appeared in the census. He died on 12 May 1491.

Second Generation

2. John BOOTH of Barton, son of Sir Thomas BOUTH of Barton and Ellen WORKESLEY, married Joan TRAFFORD.


3. Joan TRAFFORD was the daughter of Sir Henry TRAFFORD of Trafford. She and John BOOTH had the following children:



Alice BOTHE ( -1470)

William BOTHE ( - )

Third Generation

4. Sir Thomas BOUTH of Barton, son of John de BOUTHE and Agnes de BARTON, married Ellen WORKESLEY.


5. Ellen WORKESLEY was the daughter of Thomas de WORKESLEY. She and Thomas BOUTH had the following children:



John BOOTH ( - )


6. Sir Henry TRAFFORD of Trafford, son of John de Trafford, was born circa 1315.


Henry TRAFFORD had the following children:



Joan TRAFFORD ( - )