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Sir Andrew NEVILL ( - )

1. Sir Andrew NEVILL, son of Jollan (John) de NEVILL of Rolleston ( -1208) and Amfelicia de Rolleston ( - ), had the title 'Lord of Holt, Pickhall and Rolleston'. He married Cecilia BLANCHMINSTER.


Cecilia BLANCHMINSTER and Andrew NEVILL had the following children:


Andrew NEVILL ( - )

Second Generation

2. Jollan (John) de NEVILL of Rolleston, son of Jollan (John) de NEVILLE and unk UNK, died in 1208. He married Amfelicia de Rolleston.


3. Amfelicia de Rolleston was the daughter of Allan de Rolleston. She and Jollan (John) de NEVILL had the following children:



Andrew NEVILL ( - )

Third Generation

4. Jollan (John) de NEVILLE, son of Gilbert de Nevil, married unk UNK.


5. unk UNK was the daughter of Losoard of Rigby. She and Jollan (John) de NEVILLE had the following children:



Jollan (John) de NEVILL ( -1208)


6. Allan de Rolleston has few details recorded about him.


Allan de Rolleston had the following children:



Amfelicia de Rolleston ( - )