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Hon. Charlotte O'BRIEN ( -1918)

1. Hon. Charlotte Anne O'BRIEN, daughter of Sir Lucius O'BRIEN (1800-1872) and Mary FITZGERALD (1819-1852), died on 31 January 1918.

Second Generation

2. Sir Lucius O'BRIEN, son of Sir Edward O'BRIEN 4th Baronet and Charlotte SMITH, was born in 1800. He had the title '14th (8th?) Baron of Inchiquin'. He married Mary FITZGERALD on 21 February 1837. He died in 1872.


3. Mary FITZGERALD, daughter of William H.W. FITZGERALD and Juliana Cecilia FITZGERALD, was born in 1819. She died on 26 May 1852. She was buried in Kensall Green Cemetery. She and Lucius O'BRIEN had the following children:


Mary Grace O'BRIEN ( -1912). Mary died on 12 July 1912.


Charlotte Anne O'BRIEN ( -1918)

Edward Donough O'BRIEN (1839-1900). Edward was born on 14 May 1839. He had the title '14th Baron Inchiquin'. He married Ellen Harriet WHITE on 29 January 1874. He died on 9 April 1900.

Third Generation

4. Sir Edward O'BRIEN 4th Baronet, son of Sir Lucius O'BRIEN and Anne FRENCH, was born on 17 April 1773. He died on 13 March 1837. He married Charlotte SMITH.


5. Charlotte SMITH has few details recorded about her. She and Edward O'BRIEN had the following children:



Lucius O'BRIEN (1800-1872)


6. William H.W. FITZGERALD, son of William FITZGERALD of Kilcarragh and Anne POWELL, was born in 1789 in Co. Clare, Ireland. He was a JP, High Sheriff, 1842. He died on 17 February 1872 in Cliffe Hall, Piercebridge. He married Juliana Cecilia FITZGERALD.


... of Adelphi, Co. Clare . In 1861, aged 72, he was living at the family seat of his daughter and son-in-law, Cliffe Hall in Yorkshire; he was still there 10 years later, but the census notes that by this time he was blind. The census also gives his occupation as Magistrate, presumably retired.

Fitzgerald, W.H. W., Adelphi, Corofin - served as County Clare Magistrate (Bassett's Directory 1880-1). WHW Fitzgerald lived at Cliffe Hall (son-in-law's home), therefore we know that this is the correct Fitzgerald

High Sherrifs of Clare:

1882 W. Wilson FitzGerald, Adelphi. - was High Sheriff of Co. Clare - was this a relative?? Also, in the same directory: 1842 Wm. FitzGerald, Adelphi. 1835 Lucius O’Brien.]]

William Fitzgerald was High Sheriff of County Clare in 1842. He had been a magistarte and Justice of the Peace. On his retirement, he came to live at Cliffe Hall in North Yorkshire, the home of his son-in-law Richard Bassett Wilson. He was still living there by 1871 (aged 80), and in the census of that year is described as being blind. A small glimpse into his life is gleaned from the following anecdote: "On Christmas Day, during the hours of Divine Service at Ardenny Church, and when Mr. Jones was reading the Communion Service, one of his servant maids,left at the Glebe-house with some children, ran into the Church and informed Mr. Fitzgerald, the Magistrate, that her Master's house had just been entered by two men, who minutely searched for arms, and succeeded in carrying away a musket in capital order. Mr. Fitzgerald, immediately went home, and getting information from Mr. Hurst that he saw a small boat on the Shannon with two men rapidly rowing towards the Co. of Clare shore, Mr. Fitzgerald, galloped off to Pallas and sent a party of Police to Ringmoylann-Quay."


When he died, he bequeathed Inchoveagh to his grandson, on condition that he assumed the additonal surname of Fitzgerald.


7. Juliana Cecilia FITZGERALD, daughter of Maurice FITZGERALD and Mary William BURTON, appeared in the census.


It is not known if her mother was indeed Mary Burton, or her father's first wife (name unknown).


William H.W. FITZGERALD and Juliana Cecilia FITZGERALD had the following children:


Anne FITZGERALD ( -1877). Anne was born. She appeared in the census. She celebrated her Bar Mitzvah. She married Richard Bassett WILSON on 5 December 1839. She died on 11 July 1877.


Mary FITZGERALD (1819-1852)