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Thomas CLIFFORD (c. 1363-1391)

1. Thomas CLIFFORD, son of Roger CLIFFORD (1333-1389) and Maud de BEAUCHAMP ( -1402), was born circa 1363 in Brough Castle, Westmoreland. He had the title '6th Lord Clifford'. He married Elizabeth ROS circa 1387 in Brough Castle, Wetmoreland. Thomas was killed on Crusade in East Prussia in 1391.


Elizabeth ROS was born circa 1390. She died circa 1437. She and Thomas CLIFFORD had the following children:



John CLIFFORD (1388-1421)

Second Generation

2. John CLIFFORD, son of Thomas CLIFFORD and Elizabeth ROS, was born in 1388 in Appleby, Westmoreland. He had the title '7th Lord Clifford'. He married Elizabeth PERCY in 1404. He died on [Julian] 13 March 1421 in Meaux. He was killed at the Siege of Meaux, Seine-et-Marne, France. He was buried in Bolton Abbey/Friars Minors, Ipswich, Suffolk.


Only three years old when his father died in 1391. He married Elizabeth Percy - Harry Hotspur's daughter, in 1404. John was summoned as a Baron to Parliament from 1411 and in 1413 he attended the coronation of Henry V and went with him to France. He took part in the siege of Harfleur and the Battle of Agincourt 1415 and he received the surrender of Cherbourg. John liked to joust and was wounded in the great tournament of Carlisle but he recovered and in 1421 he was elected knight of the garter. He returned to France only to be killed at the siege of Meaux in 1422. His body was brought home and buried at buried Bolton Abbey. He left two sons Thomas and Henry and a daughter Mary.


Lady Elizabeth PERCY, daughter of Sir Henry Percy (Harry Hotspur) (1364-1403) and Elizabeth MORTIMER ( - ), was born circa 1390. She married in 1404. She died on 26 October 1437. She and John CLIFFORD had the following children:



Thomas CLIFFORD (1414-1455)

Third Generation

3. Thomas CLIFFORD, son of John CLIFFORD and Lady Elizabeth PERCY, was born in 1414. He had the title '8th Lord Clifford'. He married Joan DACRE circa 1424 in Skelton, Yorkshire. Thomas was killed at the Battle of St. Albans.


When his father died at Meaux in France Thomas was only seven years old. He was commissioned in 1434/5 along with his uncle the Earl of Northumberland to array the northern counties against the Scots. In 1449 he was conservator of the truce between England and Scotland and in 1450-1he was one of three Ambassadors from Henry VI to James III of Scotland. In 1437 he laid siege to Pontoise near Paris. He dressed his soldiers in white and under the cover of a snowstorm they scaled the ramparts and captured the fortress. The King called on him again in 1452 and 1454 to muster men and ships from the north to relief Calais. The Hundred Years War with France drew to a close and Thomas returned home but by May 1455 the struggle for control of the English throne had erupted into violence and Thomas Clifford was killed at the first battle of St. Albans. Thomas 8th Lord Clifford had married Joan Dacre in 1424 and they had six children.


Joan DACRE was born circa 1418. She died circa 1455. She and Thomas CLIFFORD had the following children:



John CLIFFORD (1435-1461). John was born in 1435. He was baptised on 8 April 1435 in Conisborough Castle. He had the title '9th Lord Clifford'. He married Margaret BROMFLETE circa 1453. He died on 28 March 1461 in Towton (Ferrybridge). He was killed at the battle of Towton, Ferrybridge, Yorkshire.