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Richard FITZPONS (1088-1129)

1. Richard FITZPONS, son of Pons FITZPONS (c. 1034-bef1086), was born in 1088. He had the title 'Lord of Cantref Bychan'. He died in 1129. He married Maud de Pitres of Gloucester.


He was one of the Normans who in the westward expansion encouraged by Henry I carved out estates for themselves at the expense of the Welsh. He established himself at Llandovery, where he built a castel, and founded a long line of marcher lords whose estates were concentrated in Herefordshire and Worcestershire.


Maud de Pitres of Gloucester and Richard FITZPONS had the following children:


Walter Fitzrichard Fitzpons de CLIFFORD (1127-1187). Walter was born in 1127. He had the title 'Baron Clifford'. He married Margaret de Toeni after 1130. He died in 1187.

Second Generation

2. Pons FITZPONS, son of Pons FITZWILLIAM and Basilia?, was born circa 1034. He died before 1086.


Pons FITZPONS had the following children:



Richard FITZPONS (1088-1129)

Third Generation

3. Pons FITZWILLIAM, son of William HIESMES and Lesseline de Harcourt, married Basilia?.


4. Basilia? has few details recorded about her. She and Pons FITZWILLIAM had the following children:



Pons FITZPONS (c. 1034-bef1086)