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Elizabeth BASSETT (1698- )

1. Elizabeth BASSETT, daughter of Revd. William BASSETT (c. 1663-1729) and Lydia ADDERLY (c. 1675-1729), was born on 20 September 1698.

Second Generation

2. Revd. William BASSETT, son of Revd. William BASSETT, was born circa 1663. He was a Clergyman. He married Lydia ADDERLY on 28 October 1697 in St. Mary's, All Saints, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. He died in 1729. He was buried on 10 May 1729 in Glentworth.


This is the first mention found of a Bassett in the parish records for Glentworth. William became vicar of Glentworth in 1696, and curate of Harpswell. His birth is calculated from Lincolnshire Pedigrees, which state that he died at the age of 66.


s. William, of North Kilworth, co. Leicester, cler. Magdalen Hall, matric. 4 May, 1693, aged 17; B.A. from Pembroke Coll. 1697, M.A. 1700, one of these names vicar of Glentworth, co. Lincoln, 1696-1729, and of Toft, co. Lincoln, 1719-29, his father rector of North Kilworth 1666. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus.


3. Lydia ADDERLY was born circa 1675. She died on 13 May 1729. She was buried on 15 May 1729 in Glentworth. She and William BASSETT had the following children:



Elizabeth BASSETT (1698- )

Ralph BASSETT (1700- ). Ralph was born in 1700.

William BASSETT (1703-1765). William was born on 7 June 1703. He was a Clergyman. He married Elizabeth WHICHCOT on [Julian] 19 February 1729 in Glentworth, Lincs.. He died in 1765. He was buried on 13 July 1765 in Glentworth.

Lydia BASSETT (1705- ). Lydia was born in 1705. She married Robert CAPPS on [Julian] 19 February 1729. She married Robert ATHORPE on 27 September 1739 in Glentworth. She married John STOW on 20 June 1747 in Glentworth.

John BASSETT (1708- ). John was born in 1708. He was baptised on 30 September 1708.

Ann BASSETT (1710-1710). Ann was born on 7 September 1710 in Glentworth. She was baptised on 7 September 1710 in Glentworth. She died on 7 September 1710 in Glentworth. She was buried on 8 September 1710 in Glentworth.

Charles BASSETT (1712-1763). Charles was born in 1712. He was baptised on 24 July 1712 in Glentworth. He died in 1763. He was buried on 13 July 1763.

Katherine BASSETT (1715- ). Katherine was born in 1715 in Glentworth. He was baptised on 14 July 1715 in Glentworth.

Third Generation

4. Revd. William BASSETT was a Clergyman, vicar of North Kilworth, Leicestershire.


William BASSETT had the following children:



William BASSETT (c. 1663-1729)