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Thomas SMITH (1769-1859)

1. Thomas Lea SMITH, son of Daniel Lea SMITH (1747-1791) and Susannah INGHAM ( - ), was born in 1769. He was a Privateer, Ship-owner. He died on 19 October 1859 in Cluster Cottage, Warwick, Bermuda. He married Dorcas FRITH.


From "Bermuda Lore 1649-1900" by John Cox: TLS was a privateer ship-owner of some note. In his early career he was overtaken by American privateers and carried prisoner to New York where he fell in love with a young woman named Anne Chauncey. Despite the circumstances surrounding his confinement, he managed to entertain Miss Chancey in style because his captors never realised he had sewn up a hundred pounds of gold into his breeches! Later, he plundered a number of French ships during the Haiti uprisings. He also owned salt ponds in Turks Islands where he spent the summers raking and harvesting.

Second Generation

2. Daniel Lea SMITH, son of III Christopher SMITH and Susannah LEA, was born in 1747 in Paget, Bermuda. He married Susannah INGHAM circa 1768 in Christ Church, Warwick, Bermuda. He died in 1791 in Bermuda.


3. Susannah INGHAM has few details recorded about her.


She was the daughter of a John Ingham and Mary unknown. These are very likely to be Inghams already on the tree, but it is not sure, so no link has been made.


Daniel Lea SMITH and Susannah INGHAM had the following children:



Thomas Lea SMITH (1769-1859)

Edward Ingham SMITH (1770-1797). Edward was born in 1770. He died on 11 January 1797 in Paget.

Daniel Lea SMITH (1770- ). Daniel was born in 1770.

John SMITH ( - )

Mary Lea SMITH ( - )

Susannah SMITH (c. 1772-1834). Susannah was born circa 1772. She died on 12 July 1834.

Third Generation

4. III Christopher SMITH, son of Daniel SMITH and Mary WENTWORTH, was born circa [Julian] 1714 in Bermuda. He was lost at sea, en route to Bermuda or Turks Islands. Christopher married Susannah LEA.


5. Susannah LEA, daughter of Thomas LEA and Catherine GILBERT, was born in Bermuda. She died in Bermuda. She and Christopher SMITH had the following children:


John SMITH (1745-1749). John was born in 1745. He died in April 1749.

Elizabeth SMITH (c. 1746-bef1804). Elizabeth was born circa 1746 in Bermuda. She was born circa [Julian] 1746 in Bermuda. She married Benjamin FRITH on 2 March 1763 in Moore Register, Bermuda. She died between 1801 and 1804 in Bermuda. She died between [Julian] 1801 and [Julian] 1804 in Bermuda.


Daniel Lea SMITH (1747-1791)