Saint Itta, ( - )

1. Saint Itta, Abbess of Nivelles (Brabant) married Pepin I of Landen.


Saint Itta (also Ida, Itte, or Idulberga) (died May 8, 652) was the wife of Pepin of Landen, mayor of the palace of Austrasia.

On the advice of the missionary bishop Saint Amand, bishop of Maastricht, after Pepin's death, she founded the Benedictine nunnery at Nivelles, with a monastery under the abbess. She herself entered it and installed as abbess her daughter Gertrude, perhaps after resigning the post herself.

She had by Pepin another daughter, Abbess Begga of Andenne. By Begga, she is the grandmother of Pepin of Heristal and one of the matriarchs of the great Carolingian family. Her only son was Grimoald, later mayor of the palace, and father of King Childebert the Adopted.

Both her daughters were later canonised, as was she. Her feast day is May 8.


Pepin I of Landen and Itta, Abbess of Nivelles (Brabant) had the following children:


Abbess Begga of Andenne ( - )