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Hugh CAPET (939- )

1. Hugh CAPET, son of Hugh "The Great" (900- ) and Hedwige (c. 915- ), was born in 0939 in Paris, France. He married Adelaide.


Adelaide and Hugh CAPET had the following children:


Robert II (972- ). Robert was born on 27 March 0972 in Orleans.

Second Generation

2. Hugh "The Great", son of Earl Robert I and Beatrice de Vermandois, Normandy, was born in 0900 in Paris, Seine. He married Hedwige.


3. Hedwige was born circa 0915 in Saxony, Germany. She and Hugh "The Great" had the following children:



Hugh CAPET (939- )

Third Generation

4. Earl Robert I, son of "Fortis" Duke Robert and Adelaide, was born in Bourgogne, France. He married Beatrice de Vermandois, Normandy.


5. Beatrice de Vermandois, Normandy has few details recorded about her. She and Earl Robert I had the following children:



Hugh "The Great" (900- )