Thomas BOLITHO (1840-1925)

1. Thomas Robins BOLITHO was born on 13 September 1840. He had the title 'JP for Cornwall, DL'. He was a Director of Barclays Bank (following the absoption of Bolitho's - the family bank - in 1905. He married Augusta Jane WILSON on 30 June 1870 in Westminster. He died on 28 September 1925.


...of Trengwainton, Heamoor, Cornwall.

"The partnership that owned the Consolidated Bank of Cornwall in July 1901 consisted of: Thomas Bedford Bolitho (chairman); Thomas Robins Bolitho; Richard Foster Bolitho; William Edward Thomas Bolitho; Arthur Coode; Lewis Charles Foster; Henry Durett Foster; William Michell Grylls; Arthur Pate Nix; Michael Henry Williams; Percival Dacres Williams;Arthur Champion Phillips Willyams.

Mr Henry Roach was secretary and Mr E F Voelcker was the general manager. Mr Edward Rich Foster was the Acting Inspector of Branches.

The subscribed capital at that time amounted to £1,500,000, of which £300,000 was paid up. There was a reserve fund of £362,500."

It is noted that Arthur Coode was the founder of the firm of civil engineers which Bolitho's brother-in-law Maurice Fitzgerald Wilson spent his life with, and which MFW's grandson (Peter Fiennes Wilson) spent his entire career with and eventually led. I believe that Bolitho's bank was also a forerunner of Barclay's Bank. Bolitho were a leading family in Cornwall.

MOUNT'S BAY COMMERCIAL BANK established at Chyandour in 1807 by Thomas Bolitho (The Coombe) and William Bolitho (Gulval), merchants. Renamed BOLITHO, SONS & CO. 1810; In 1834 the bank was moved from Chyandour to Market Jew Street; Renamed MOUNT'S BAY BANK; merchants Richard Foster Bolitho (only son of William Bolitho), Edward Bolitho and Thomas Simon Bolitho (sons of Thomas Bolitho) became partners 1838; William Bolitho the first d 1836; Thomas Bolitho d 1858; A new banking house for BOLITHO, SONS & CO built and opened 1863 at 9 Market Jew Street; William Bolitho the second (son of Thomas Bolitho) and John Sargent Bedford (son-in-law of William Bolitho the first) entered the firm 1849; J. S. Bedford managing partner d 1856; John Sampson Courtney became acting manager 1856, d 1881; William Bolitho the third and Richard Foster Bolitho the second (sons of R. F. Bolitho the first), Thomas Bedford Bolitho (son of Edward Bolitho), and Thomas Robins Bolitho (son of T. S. Bolitho) became members of the firm 1880; Richard F. Bolitho d 1882; Thomas S. Bolitho d 1887; Issued the notes of the East Cornwall Bank, in which they were partners until 1 April 1887.

Branches opened at St. Ives 1835; St. Just and Hayle 1863; Helston 1876; St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly 1890 (?).


Augusta Jane WILSON, daughter of Richard Bassett WILSON (1806-1867) and Anne FITZGERALD ( -1877), was born on 28 May 1848.