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Troan ( - )

1. Troan, daughter of Priam KING OF TROY ( - ), married Munon KING OF TROY.


She married MÚNIÓN. Under Priam there were twelve tributary kings. One of these twelve was called Munon or Mennon. He married a daughter of Priam and had with her the son Tror.


Munon KING OF TROY and Troan had the following children:


Thor (Tror) ( - )

Second Generation

2. Priam KING OF TROY was the son of Laomedon.


This lineage is from the Icelandic prose Edda.


Priam KING OF TROY had the following children:



Troan ( - )

Third Generation

3. Laomedon was the son of Ilus.


Laomedon had the following children:



Priam KING OF TROY ( - )