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Vice-Admiral George FERGUSON RN ( -1867)

1. Vice-Admiral George FERGUSON RN, son of George FERGUSON (1748-1820), was a Vice-Admiral in the Navy. He had the title '5th of Pitfour'. He died in 1867. He married Elizabeth Holcombe WOODHOUSE. He married Elizabeth Jane ROWLEY.


He was MP for Banffshire from 1833. He had one daughter with his first wife. All subsequent Fergusons of Pitfour are descended from him.

Second Generation

2. George FERGUSON, son of James FERGUSON of Pitfour and Anne MURRAY, was born in 1748. He had the title 'Fourth of Pitfour'. He died in 1820.


He was at one time Governor of Tobago in the West Indies. He was unmarried and had "illegitimate issue".


George FERGUSON had the following children:



George FERGUSON ( -1867)

Third Generation

3. James FERGUSON of Pitfour, son of James FERGUSON and Anne STUART of Crichie, was born in 1700. He had the title '2nd of Pitfour'. He married Anne MURRAY on 3 February 1733 in Aberlady. He died on 25 June 1777 in Woolmet.


Lord Pitfour was an eminent councillor at law (a Lord of Session and Justiciary) highly distinguished for his probity, integrity, and knowledge of his profession. He was also Commissioner of Justiciary. He was created Lord Pitfour in 1764.


4. Anne MURRAY, daughter of Alexander MURRAY 4th Lord Elibank and Elizabeth STIRLING, was born on 20 September 1708. She died on 2 January 1793.


From a letter to her brother, General Jon. James Murray:

"I have three girls, none of whom have any claims to the beauties of the body. Annie whom you visited in the Small Pox is of a low stature, and pretty much pitted without having her features altered by them. Betty is taller than I am, genteel enough and when in here good looks is thought by strangers to have a resemblance to my Sister Jannie; Jeanie who is of Annies size is in point of looks middling, but for a soul and genious I'll sett her loose with any she that ever stept in petticoats, she had cost me more trouble than all the rest, for her genious bewitched me, and some times got the better of my reason. But now, after Hunting, Riding, Shooting and Latin, I have got her brought to a moderate use of her needle, which with a little musick, bowling and chess, which I indulge her in, makes her turn out a good decent girl of sixteen. As to her dancing, its the Horn Pipe she excells in; but I must not conclude without assuring you that they are modest, virtuous girls, uncapable of lying of falsehood, and just the reverse of some others that you'll remember.".


James FERGUSON and Anne MURRAY had the following children:


James FERGUSON (1735-1820). James was born in 1735. He had the title '3rd of Pitfour'. He was an Advocate, MP. He died in 1820.

Annie FERGUSON ( - )

Betty FERGUSON ( -1810). Betty died in 1810.

Patrick FERGUSON (1744-1777). Patrick was born in 1744 in Edinburgh. He died in 1777 in Pennsylvania.

Jeanie FERGUSON (1746-1821). Jeanie was born in 1746. She died in 1821.


George FERGUSON (1748-1820)