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Jeremiah LEAYCRAFT ( - )

1. Jeremiah LEAYCRAFT was the son of Jeremiah LEAYCRAFT ( - ) and Jane Margaret WOOD (c. 1784- ).


Jeremiah founded Scott, Leaycraft & Co. in Jamaica around 1841. He moved to New York in 1854.

Second Generation

2. Jeremiah LEAYCRAFT, son of Jeremiah LEAYCRAFT and Bethia UNK, married Jane Margaret WOOD.


Jeremiah was a merchant of Quebec.


3. Jane Margaret WOOD was born circa 1784.


Jane's family was mainly from Pembroke.


Jeremiah LEAYCRAFT and Jane Margaret WOOD had the following children:



Jeremiah LEAYCRAFT ( - )

Third Generation

4. Jeremiah LEAYCRAFT was a Shipping Merchant. He married Bethia UNK.


This man is probably the father of John and Jeremiah. It is likely that he and three brothers founded the merchant company which sailed out of Bermuda and Quebec.


There are media files which refer to other Leaycrafts who are as yet unidentified but are almost undoubtedly family members.


5. Bethia UNK has few details recorded about her. She and Jeremiah LEAYCRAFT had the following children:


John LEAYCRAFT ( - )


Jeremiah LEAYCRAFT ( - )