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Henry EARL OF SOMERSET (1401-1418)

1. Henry Beaufort EARL OF SOMERSET, son of John de Beaufort EARL OF SOMERSET (aft1371-1410) and Margaret de Holand (aft1381-1439), was born in 1401. He died on 25 November 1418.

Second Generation

2. John de Beaufort EARL OF SOMERSET, son of John of Gaunt DUKE OF LANCASTER and Katherine ROET, was born between 1371 and 1373. He had the title '1st Earl of Somerset'. He married Margaret de Holand on 23 April 1399. He died on 16 March 1410 in Hospital of St. Katherine-by-the-Tower, London.


He was created Earl of Somerset on February 10, 1397 and Marquess of Somerset on September 9, 1397. He was created Marquess of Dorset on September 29, 1397 but was deprived of the title on November 3, 1399.


3. Margaret de Holand, daughter of Thomas HOLLAND and Alice FITZALAN, was born between 1381 and 1385. She died on [Julian] 31 December 1439 in Bermondsey, London. She was buried in Catnterbury Cathedral.


Alice was made a Lady of the Garter in 1399.


John de Beaufort EARL OF SOMERSET and Margaret de Holand had the following children:



Henry Beaufort EARL OF SOMERSET (1401-1418)

John Beaufort DUKE OF SOMERSET (1404-1444). John was born in 1404. He married Margaret BEAUCHAMP circa 1440. He died on 27 May 1444.

Joan BEAUFORT (bef1407-1445). Joan was born before 1407. She married James I KING OF SCOTLAND on 2 February 1424 in St. Mary Overy, Southwark. She married James STEWART on 21 September 1439. She died on [Julian] 15 July 1445 in Dunbar Castle.

Third Generation

4. John of Gaunt DUKE OF LANCASTER, son of Edward III KING OF ENGLAND and Philippa de Hainault, was born in March 1340. He had the title 'Duke of Lancaster'. He married Katherine ROET in 1396. He died on [Julian] 3 February 1399. He married Blanche of Lancaster. He married Constance QUEEN OF CASTILE AND LEON.


This prince, the fourth son of King Edward III and Queen Philippa, was born at Ghent (or Gaunt) in Flanders, in 1340. In his infancy, he was created Earl of Richmond and, by that title, admitted into the Order of the Garter upon the death of Thomas Holland, Earl of Kent, one of the original knights. In 1359, at Reading Abbey (Berks), he married Blanche, the younger of the two daughters and co-heirs of Henry, Duke of Lancaster, and upon the death of his father-in-law, in 1361, he was advanced to that Dukedom. He held also, in right of his wife, the Earldoms of Derby, Lincoln and Leicester, and the high office of Steward of England.


John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster (March 6, 1340 ?February 3, 1399) was the third surviving son of King Edward III of England and Philippa of Hainault. He gained his name "John of Gaunt" because he was born at Ghent in 1340. The fabulously wealthy Gaunt exercised tremendous influence over the throne during the minority reign of his nephew, Richard II, and during the ensuing periods of political strife, but took care not to be openly associated with opponents of the King.


5. Katherine ROET, daughter of Sir Pain DE ROET, was born circa 1350. She died on [Julian] 10 May 1403.


Catherine Swynford married 1396, his long standing mistress. Catherine was born in 1350 and died 1403. She became the Duchess of Lancaster at her marriage. Her first husband was Sir Hugh Swynford, who was a retinue member of John of Gaunt. Hugh died in 1372 and she became a governess of his children by his second wife & John's mistress. She bore John four children who were given the name Beaufort after one of John's estates. The Beauforts were all legitimised in 1397 by an act of parliament with the proviso inserted in 1407 that they had no claim to the throne. Catherine's maiden name was Roet, a Flemish name, she was the sister to Geoffrey Chaucer's wife, Philippa Roet. who had been one of Queen Philippa's chamber ladies. John Chaucer, his father had been in attendance on Edward III in 1338 this led to Geoffrey's employment with the King's Court, engaged as a page in Duke Lionel & Elizabeth's household [Duke of Clarence]
In 1359 Geoffrey Chaucer joined Edward III's army when France was invaded. He was taken prisoner and Edward III himself had to pay the ransom. In March 1360 Geoffrey was given his freedom when Edward parted with 16 pounds for this yet to be celebrated author's liberty.
In 1367 Chaucer was given a life pension for being a valet of the King's household, Lionel died in 1368 so Chaucer transferred his services to John of Gaunt.


John of Gaunt DUKE OF LANCASTER and Katherine ROET had the following children:



John de Beaufort EARL OF SOMERSET (aft1371-1410)


6. Thomas HOLLAND had the title '2nd Earl of Kent'. He married Alice FITZALAN.


7. Alice FITZALAN, daughter of Edmund FitzAlan, 9th Earl of Arundel and Eleanor of Grosmont, married Thomas of Lancaster, Duke of Clarence. She and Thomas HOLLAND had the following children:



Margaret de Holand (aft1381-1439)