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unk BURNET ( - )

1. unk BURNET was the son of unk BURNET ( - ) and Elizabeth VEITCH ( - ).


unk BURNET had the following children:


William BURNET (c. 1546-c. 1653). William was born circa 1546. He died circa 1653.

Second Generation

2. unk BURNET, son of John BURNET and Mariot INGLIS, married Elizabeth VEITCH.


3. Elizabeth VEITCH has few details recorded about her.


...of the House of Dawyck.


unk BURNET and Elizabeth VEITCH had the following children:



unk BURNET ( - )

Third Generation

4. John BURNET, son of unk BURNET and Marion CAVERHILL, died in 1502. He married Sybilla VEITCH. He married Mariot INGLIS.


In the 1200s the ancestors of the Burnets of Barns settled in an area near Peebles in southern Scotland known as Burnetland. Most scholars agree that the Burnets of Barns are a branch of the Faringdoun Burnetts (Burnards), but a family history written in the 1880s claimed descent from a "Robertus de Burneville". At that time there was some friction between the Burnet of Barns branch of the family and the Chiefly branch, the Burnetts of Leys, which may explain the desire to claim a different ancestry.
This family was originally known as the Burnets of Burnetland. The first of the family to be known as Burnet of Burnetland was John Burnet (1400-1469). He married Marion, daughter of George Claverhill of that Ilk; through this marriage the family acquired the lands of Barns, from which they afterwards took their designation.


5. Mariot INGLIS has few details recorded about her.


... of the family of Murdieston and Manor.


John BURNET and Mariot INGLIS had the following children:



unk BURNET ( - )