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unk (c. 740- )

1. unk, daughter of Charles Martel (The Hammer) King of the Franks (672-741) and Sunnichild BAVARIA (c. 700-741), was born circa 0740. She married Alfbard de Friesland.


Alfbard de Friesland, son of Poppon de Friesland (c. 700-aft734), was born circa 0735. He died in 0786. He and unk had the following children:



Nordalah de Friesland (c. 765-810)

Second Generation

2. Nordalah de Friesland, son of Alfbard de Friesland and unk, was born circa 0765. He died in 0810.


Nordalah de Friesland had the following children:



Gerulf de Friesland (c. 790-aft834)

Third Generation

3. Gerulf de Friesland, son of Nordalah de Friesland, was born circa 0790. He died after 0834.


Gerulf de Friesland had the following children:



Gerolf de Friesland (c. 815-aft839). Gerolf was born circa 0815 in Belgium. He died after 0839.