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Helen HOME (bef1439-aft1512)

1. Helen HOME, daughter of Sir Alexander HOME (bef1400-1424) and Janet HAY (bef1400- ), was born before 1439. She died after 1512. She married Adam Hepburn, Master of HAILES.


Adam Hepburn, Master of HAILES and Helen HOME had the following children:


Patrick HEPBURN (bef1466-1508). Patrick was born before 1466. He had the title '1st Earl of Bothwell'. He died on 18 October 1508.

Second Generation

2. Sir Alexander HOME was born before 1400. He died on 7 August 1424 in Verneuil, France. He married Janet HAY.


He lived at Dunglass, East Lothian.


3. Janet HAY (also known as Jean), daughter of Sir William HAY and Alice, was born before 1400. She and Alexander HOME had the following children:



Helen HOME (bef1439-aft1512)

Third Generation

4. Sir William HAY, son of Jean GIFFORD, married Alice.


5. Alice has few details recorded about her. She and William HAY had the following children:



Janet HAY (bef1400- )