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Joanne MCCULLOCH ( - )

1. Joanne Lara MCCULLOCH was the daughter of Donald Westgate MCCULLOCH ( - ) and Carol HART ( - ).

Second Generation

2. Donald Westgate MCCULLOCH, son of Thomas Cecil MCCULLOCH and Nell Westgate BLACKWELL, married Carol HART.


3. Carol HART has few details recorded about her. She and Donald Westgate MCCULLOCH had the following children:


Jason Paul MCCULLOCH ( - )


Joanne Lara MCCULLOCH ( - )

Third Generation

4. Thomas Cecil MCCULLOCH, son of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas MCCULLOCH and Cecilia Maud FRENCH, was born on 10 December 1905 in Lewisham or Eltham. He died on 26 November 1984 in Rusape, Zimbabwe. He married unk UNK. He married Nell Westgate BLACKWELL.


Thomas and Nell died together in a car accident in Zimbabwe, where he had lived for many years. His death certificate is DC 046526.


unk UNK and Thomas Cecil MCCULLOCH had the following children:


unk MCCULLOCH ( - )

unk MCCULLOCH ( - )


5. Nell Westgate BLACKWELL died in 1984 in Zimbabwe. She and Thomas Cecil MCCULLOCH had the following children:



Donald Westgate MCCULLOCH ( - )