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William GOSLING (1938- )

1. William G GOSLING, son of Charles Ellsworth GOSLING (1903-1981) and Elizabeth HOWARD (1904-1995), was born in 1938. He married Lynn Ann TAIT.

Second Generation

2. Charles Ellsworth GOSLING, son of Bryan Hamilton GOSLING and Florence Brownlow CONYERS, was born in 1903. He died in 1981. He married Elizabeth HOWARD.


3. Elizabeth HOWARD was born in 1904. She died in 1995. She and Charles Ellsworth GOSLING had the following children:


Charles H GOSLING (1932- ). Charles was born in 1932.

Betty Lou GOSLING (1935- ). Betty was born in 1935.


William G GOSLING (1938- )

Third Generation

4. Bryan Hamilton GOSLING was born in 1872. He died in 1928. He married Florence Brownlow CONYERS.


5. Florence Brownlow CONYERS, daughter of Charles M CONYERS and Mary Jane LYON, was born in 1877. She died in 1951. She and Bryan Hamilton GOSLING had the following children:


Bryan H GOSLING (1901-1985). Bryan was born in 1901. He died in 1985.


Charles Ellsworth GOSLING (1903-1981)

Mildred L GOSLING (1907-1995). Mildred was born in 1907. She died in 1995.

Ruth W GOSLING (1910- ). Ruth was born in 1910.

Florence C GOSLING (1913-2003). Florence was born in 1913. She died in 2003.