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Thomas FALLOWFIELD of Sundridge, Kent ( - )

1. Thomas FALLOWFIELD of Sundridge, Kent was the son of William FALLOWFIELD (1643-1707) and Mary NEDHAM (1670-1753).

Second Generation

2. William FALLOWFIELD was born in 1643. He died in 1707. He married Mary NEDHAM.


3. Mary NEDHAM, daughter of John NEDHAM and Joane COOKE, was born in 1670. She died in 1753. She was buried in 1753. She and William FALLOWFIELD had the following children:


Mary FALLOWFIELD (1706-1707). Mary was born in 1706. She died in 1707.


Thomas FALLOWFIELD ( - )

Third Generation

4. John NEDHAM, son of ? NEDHAM, was a Mercer. He died in 1693 in Leek, Staffs.. He was buried in 1693. He married Joane COOKE.


5. Joane COOKE, daughter of John COOKE and Joane UNK, was a Heiress of John Cooke of Leek. She died in 1682. She was buried in 1682. She and John NEDHAM had the following children:


Thomas NEEDHAM ,gent. (1674-1702). Thomas was born in 1674. He died in 1702 in Leek. He was buried in 1702.


Mary NEDHAM (1670-1753)

Elizabeth NEDHAM ( - )