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Janet SPOONER ( - )

1. Janet Sarah SPOONER, daughter of William SPOONER of Walton Lodge, nr. Stafford, JP (1811-1880) and Jane Lydia WILSON (1815?-1898), married Henry SALT.

Second Generation

2. William SPOONER of Walton Lodge, nr. Stafford, JP, son of Venerable William SPOONER and Anna Maria O'BRIEN, was born on 18 July 1811. He was a Barrister-at-Law, Judge of County Court for N. Staffs. He married Jane Lydia WILSON on 6 October 1841 in Whitkirk, Co. York. He died on 19 May 1880.


educated Oriel College Oxford (BA 1832, MA 1834).


William Spooner of Walton Lodge, co. Stafford ;=
bom 14 July, bapt. at Elmdon i September 181 1; of
Onel College, O.xford, matriculated 2 April 1829, B.A.
1832, M.A. 1835; of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law
23 November 1837 ; Revising Barrister for East
Gloucester 1862, Judge of the County Court for
North Staffordshire 13 February 1863 until his
death; J. P. for co. Stafford; died at Walton
Lodge, in his 69th year, on ^Vednesda\•, 19 May
1880, bur. at Baswick, co. Stafford. Will dated
18 April 1879, proved at Lichfield 7 June 1880, by
the Rev. William Archibald Spooner and the Rev.
Henry Maxwell Spooner, sons, the Exors.

All Spooner info comes from this book "Visitation of England and Wales" [vol.16] ed. Frederick Arthur Crisp???


3. Jane Lydia WILSON, daughter of John WILSON and Martha BASSETT, was born in 1815 (estimated). She died on 17 August 1898 in 8 Norham Gardens, Oxford. She and William SPOONER had the following children:


William Archibald SPOONER ( - )

Mary Anne SPOONER (1842- ). Mary was born on 30 October 1842 in 17 Chapel Street, Belgrave Square, London. She was baptised in Elmdon.

Henry Maxwell SPOONER (1846-1929). Henry was born on 9 May 1846. He died on 1 April 1929.


Janet Sarah SPOONER ( - )

Catherine Barbara SPOONER ( - )

George Archibald SPOONER (1879-1879). George was born on 11 July 1879. He died on 3 August 1879.

Barbara SPOONER (1881-1881). Barbara was born on 28 January 1881 in Keble Terrace, Oxford. She died on 29 January 1881.

Third Generation

4. Venerable William SPOONER, son of Isaac SPOONER and Barbara GOUGH, was born on 20 August 1778. He was a Clergyman (Archdeacon of Coventry 1827). He married Anna Maria O'BRIEN on 1 September 1810 in Newington, Kent. He died on 2 September 1857. He was buried on 9 September 1857 in Elmdon.


Ven'''' William Spooner, 4th son of Isaac Spooner of Elmdon Hall, co.=f
Warwick, by Barbara his wife, eldest dau. of Sir Henry Gough of Edgbaston,
CO. Warwick, Baronet, brother of Abraham Spooner Lillingston of Elmdon
Hall (see Vol. g, page jj) ; bom at Birches Green, co. Warwick, on
Thursday, 20 August, bapt. privately the same day, received into the church '
at Aston 28 November 1778 ; educated at Rugby and at St. John's College,
Oxford, matriculated 20 October 1796, B.A. 1800, M.A. 1803; Rector of I
Elmdon 30 November 1802 until his death. Vicar of Chipping Campden, I
CO. Gloucester, 30 April 1815, Rector of Acle, co. Norfolk, 8 May 1824
until his death. Archdeacon of Coventry 1827, resigned March 1851,
Prebendary of Lichfield 4 June 1828 to 185 1 : died at the Rectory, Elmdon,
aged 79, 2 September, bur. at Elmdon 9 September 1857. M.I. 1
(See " Fragmenta Genealogica" Vol. 7, page 61). Will dated 26 September |
1850, with codicil dated 25 February 1853, proved (P.C.C. 713, 57) 25
September 1857, by William Spooner, son, and Henry James Selfe Selfe,
two of the Exors.

(See ''Notes" to "Visitation of England and Wales"
Vol. 8, page 143.)


5. Anna Maria O'BRIEN, daughter of Sir Lucius O'BRIEN and Anne FRENCH, died on 24 December 1846. She was buried in Elmdon. She married unk SYDNEY.


=Anna Maria Sydney,
5th dau. of the Rt.
Hon''i'= Sir Edward
Lucius O'Brien of
Dromoland, co. Clare,
3rd Baronet, by
Anne his wife, dau.
of Robert French of
Monivea, co. Galway ;
marr. at the parish
church, Newington,
CO. Kent, on Tues-
day, 1 1 September
1 8 10; died at the
Rectory, Elmdon,
aged 63, on Thursday,
24 December 1846,
bur. at Elmdon. M.I.


William SPOONER and Anna Maria O'BRIEN had the following children:



William SPOONER (1811-1880)


6. John WILSON, son of John WILSON and Sarah LUCAS, was born on 24 February 1767. He appeared in the census. He celebrated his Bar Mitzvah. He married Martha BASSETT on 17 October 1798.


... of Seacroft Hall and Cliffe Hall, nr. Darlington.

Seacroft Village is of ancient foundation. It is listed in the Domesday Book and has the oldest remaining village green in England but, in fact, has a much older history. The Venerable Bede records the battle of Winwaed between King Oswy's forces and the, unsuccessful, invading Mercians under King Penda. Bede gives this as taking place near Seacroft on the 15th November 655AD. The name (originally Saecroft) is of Saxon origin - sae meaning pool or lake and croft meaning enclosure or farm.

After the Norman invasion, Seacroft (as part of the parish of Whitkirk) was granted to Gilbert de Laci and it remained in the de Laci family until 1602, when James 1st granted it to George Shiletto whence it passed into the ownership of his wife and then to her second husband Sir Ralph Hansby. He sold it to James Nelthorpe of Windsor in 1656.

In 1643 a battle between Royalists for Charles I and a group of Roundheads under Sir Thomas Fairfax, who were en-route from Tadcaster to Leeds, took place at Seacroft. Fairfax was obliged to retreat across Bramham moor.

St James's Church was built in 1845 and the Wilson family, contemporary owners of Seacroft Hall, were major contributors to the cost.

Seacroft Hall itself was thought to have been built by the Shilettos in about 1605. By the 19th century, the Manor of Seacroft was in the hands of the Wilson family. Darcy Bruce Wilson (1851 to 1936) was the the last owner of Seacroft Hall, which became derelict after his death. Though a listed building, it was demolished in 1954 and a High School now occupies its site. All that remains now of the Hall is the Lodge (gatehouse) on York Road, recently used as part of a Council depot but now derelict. The illustration is a photograph of the Hall, taken about 1880, showing the lake which was latterly called the Fish Pond before being drained in the 1950's.


Eldest son

There exists from 1840 a draft colliery lease relating to the mines and collieries of coal under the land at Seacroft and Austhorpe. John Wilson and Richard Bassett Wilson his son made this arrangement with Edward Waud of Chester Court, Cheshire. The full details are in archives in Cheshire. The lease was for a reversionary term of 21 years at ?00 per annum for every acre worked with a minimum o f ?200 per annum.


There exists from 1840 a draft colliery lease relating to the mines and collieries of coal under the land at Seacroft and Austhorpe. John Wilson and Richard Bassett Wilson his son made this arrangement with Edward Waud of Chester Court, Cheshire. The full details are in archives in Cheshire. John Wilson of Nether Thong is listed as a Woolen Manufacturersin Kirkburton Directory of Trades and Professions for 1834.


7. Martha BASSETT, daughter of Richard BASSETT of Glentworth and Martha ARMITAGE, was born in 1776 in Glentworth. She was baptised on 27 September 1776. She died on 18 February 1869. She and John WILSON had the following children:


Richard Bassett WILSON (1806-1867). Richard was born on 3 April 1806. He was a Magistrate and Landed Proprietor. He married Anne FITZGERALD on 5 December 1839. He died on 18 February 1867.

John WILSON (1808-1891). John was born on 1 January 1808. He married Anna Maria Isabella MACLEOD on 13 April 1846. He died on 29 January 1891.


Jane Lydia WILSON (1815?-1898)