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Cunegonde ( - )

1. Cunegonde, daughter of unk ( - ) and Ermentrude of France (c. 875- ), married Wigeric of Luxemburg, Count Palentine of Aachen.


Wigeric of Luxemburg, Count Palentine of Aachen and Cunegonde had the following children:


Gozelin, Count in the Bidgau (c. 911-943). Gozelin, was born circa 0911. He died on 19 October 0943.

Second Generation

2. unk married Ermentrude of France.


3. Ermentrude of France, daughter of Louis II KING OF FRANCE and Adelaide of Paris, was born circa 0875. She and unk had the following children:



Cunegonde ( - )

Third Generation

4. Louis II KING OF FRANCE, son of Charles "the Bald", Holy Roman Emperor KING OF FRANCE and Ermentrude of Orleans, was born in 0844. He died on 10 April 0879. He married Adelaide of Paris.


5. Adelaide of Paris has few details recorded about her. She and Louis II KING OF FRANCE had the following children:



Ermentrude of France (c. 875- )