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Beryl EVA (1940- )

1. Beryl EVA, daughter of George EVA (1910- ) and Ruth BAZLEY (1915-1996), was born on 23 March 1940. She married Malcolm Thomas BELL on 1 September 1962.


Malcolm Thomas BELL and Beryl EVA had the following children:


Amanda Jane BELL (1965- ). Amanda was born on 29 June 1965 in Macclesfield General Hospital. She married Andrew Philip WILD on 22 June 1991 in St. Mary's Alderley.

Second Generation

2. George EVA was born on 28 June 1910. He married Ruth BAZLEY in 1939.


3. Ruth BAZLEY, daughter of Ernest BAZLEY and Olwen Rosamund LEWIS, was born on 1 November 1915. She died in 1996. She and George EVA had the following children:



Beryl EVA (1940- )

Third Generation

4. Ernest BAZLEY, son of Herbert BAZLEY and Emma POLLOCK, was born in 1882 in Manchester. He married Olwen Rosamund LEWIS in 1910 in St, Clements, Chorlton-cum-Hardy.


5. Olwen Rosamund LEWIS was born in 1890. She and Ernest BAZLEY had the following children:



Ruth BAZLEY (1915-1996)