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Richard HAGGIE ( -2010)

1. Richard Aubrey Garmondsway HAGGIE, son of David Aubrey HAGGIE (1881- ), was a Naval Officer. He died on 21 June 2010. He married Priscilla Mary RAMSDEN.


In civilian life he was sales director for British Ropes, running the
non-European side of the business, a post which covered the rest of
the world and allowed him to continue the travelling he so much
enjoyed and had begun when in the Royal Navy.

He was born in Darlington the son of David Aubrey Haggie of Red Hall,
Houghton-le-Skerne, and educated at Sandroyd Preparatory School,
Cobham, Surrey, which during the Second World War moved to Dorset
while he was still a pupil. Then having passed the entrance
examination to Eton he chose instead to go to Dartmouth, so at 13 he
joined the Royal Navy.

In 1949 he was on the bridge of HMS London when it was hit as it went
to the rescue of HMS Amethyst which, while on her way up the Yangtze
River to replace HMS Consort as guard ship for the British Embassy
during the Chinese Civil War, was shelled by the People's Liberation
Army with the loss of 22 men.

When he decided to leave the Royal Navy in 1958, by then having
reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and settle down the only way
he could be released was to go into a family business, one of which
was British Ropes, and the other was Hood, Haggie and Sons, Newcastle
rope manufacturers who gave him a job. They were later taken over by
British Ropes and he worked for them until the mid-1980s, but
continued with consultancy work.

Away from business he was heavily involved with Ripon City Golf Club
and with the Royal British Legion at Boroughbridge, as well as with St
Andrews Church, Aldborough where he was a churchwarden for many years
and did a lot of fundraising for its rebuilding.

At the thanksgiving service for his life the Vicar of Aldborough with
Boroughbridge, the Rev Philip Smith, said all the restoration over the
last 20 years, which cost ??250,000, was down to Lt Cmdr Haggie's hard

In 1954 he married Priscilla Ramsden, known as Tish, the sister of
James Ramsden, Conservative MP for Harrogate from 1954 to 1974.

Lt Cmdr Haggie is survived by his wife, his sons David and
James,daughter Willa, two grandsons and five granddaughters. His elder
daughter, Amanda, died in 2002.


Priscilla Mary RAMSDEN, daughter of Lt-Col Edward RAMSDEN MC, JP (1890-1985) and Geraldine WILSON (1888- ), was born in 1926. She and Richard Aubrey Garmondsway HAGGIE had the following children:



David HAGGIE ( - )


James HAGGIE ( - )


Willa HAGGIE ( - )


Amanda HAGGIE ( -2002)

Second Generation

2. David HAGGIE was the son of Richard Aubrey Garmondsway HAGGIE and Priscilla Mary RAMSDEN.


3. James HAGGIE was the son of Richard Aubrey Garmondsway HAGGIE and Priscilla Mary RAMSDEN.


4. Willa HAGGIE was the daughter of Richard Aubrey Garmondsway HAGGIE and Priscilla Mary RAMSDEN.


5. Amanda HAGGIE, daughter of Richard Aubrey Garmondsway HAGGIE and Priscilla Mary RAMSDEN, died in 2002.