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Katie MAY ( - )

1. Katie MAY was the daughter of Charles Hugh MAY ( - ).


Katie died, sadly, at the age of two. All we have is the portrait by Phil May.

Second Generation

2. Charles Hugh MAY was the son of Philip William MAY and unk UNK.


... who retired to live with his daughter Elsie and her family in Harrow. My Aunt Sheila remembers that he was a scholar of Shakespeare and was always singing and entertaining the children.


Charles Hugh MAY had the following children:


Elsie MAY ( - )


Katie MAY ( - )

Third Generation

3. Philip William MAY, son of Charles Hughes MAY, was a Commercial Traveller. He married unk UNK.


4. unk UNK was the daughter of Eugene MACCARTHY. She and Philip William MAY had the following children:


Philip William MAY (1864-1903). Philip was born on 22 April 1864. He died on 5 August 1903.


Charles Hugh MAY ( - )