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Elizabeth FIENNES ( - )

1. Elizabeth FIENNES, daughter of Sir Richard FIENNES 6th Lord Saye and Sele ( -1573) and Ursula FARMER ( - ), married William TURPIN in 1636.


or Fynes. The family of this lady, important to the Hopkins ( and subsequently to the Badnall) families in showing a link confirming them as Founder's Kin to Winchester and New College, Oxford, was responsible for the later resuscitation of the name Fiennes in the Badnall and subsequently Wilson families.


William TURPIN and Elizabeth FIENNES had the following children:


Elizabeth TURPIN ( -bef1649). Elizabeth died between 1640 and 1649.

Second Generation

2. Sir Richard FIENNES 6th Lord Saye and Sele, son of Sir Edward FIENNES and Margaret D'ANVERS, had the title '6th Lord Saye & Sele'. He married Ursula FARMER circa 1550. He died on 3 August 1573.


... of Broughton. The unusual compound title of 'Saye and Sele' dates from the original creation of the Barony in 1447. It is partly personal, from the connection with earlier 'Lord Say', and partly territorial through the ownership of land in Kent. The family name 'Fiennes' (pronounced Fines) is that of a village in Artois in northern France from which a certain Giles had emigrated to England in the thirteenth century, following in the train of his cousin Queen Eleanor of Castile when she came to marry the future Edward I.

Richard "dyed Vita Matris, she having most part of the Lands that after came to the family. He did not sue for the Barony.


3. Ursula FARMER (also known as Ursula FERMOR) was the daughter of Sir Richard FARMER of Easton Neston, Northamp and Anne BROWNE.


... of Easton Neston, Northants.


Richard FIENNES and Ursula FARMER had the following children:



Elizabeth FIENNES ( - )

Third Generation

4. Sir Edward FIENNES, son of Sir Richard FIENES and Elizabeth CROFT, was born circa 1502 in Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire. He had the title '5th Lord Saye and Sele'. He died on 7 July 1529. He was buried in Broughton Castle. He married Margaret D'ANVERS.


"Only son, called Lord Say and Sele, he sued out his Livery, in the name of Edward Fienes, Esq. and never was summoned to Parliament.".


5. Margaret D'ANVERS, daughter of Sir John D'ANVERS of Dantsey, Wilts. and Anne STRADLING, was born in 1504. She died after 1541. She married Thomas NEVILL.


... of Dauntsey, Wilts.


Edward FIENNES and Margaret D'ANVERS had the following children:



Richard FIENNES ( -1573)


6. Sir Richard FARMER of Easton Neston, Northamp married Anne BROWNE.


7. Anne BROWNE has few details recorded about her. She and Richard FARMER had the following children:



Ursula FARMER ( - )