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Frank NORTHCOTT ( - )

1. Frank Leonard NORTHCOTT, son of William NORTHCOTT ( - ) and Elizabeth UNK ( - ), was born in Rochester House, Ealing. He married Evelyn Elizabeth BADNALL on 8 June 1898.


Frank was the 11th child in this family.


Evelyn Elizabeth BADNALL and Frank Leonard NORTHCOTT had the following children:


Honor Evelyn Austin LEONARD (1902- ). Honor was born on 7 August 1902 in Storrington, Sussex.

Ralph William Frank LEONARD (1907- ). Ralph was born on 1 July 1907 in Norwich.

Second Generation

2. William NORTHCOTT married Elizabeth UNK.


..of Rochester House, Ealing.


3. Elizabeth UNK has few details recorded about her.


..of Rochester House, Ealing.


William NORTHCOTT and Elizabeth UNK had the following children:



Frank Leonard NORTHCOTT ( - )